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Jaguar of Burlesque – Frankie Faux performing at Magique Halloween Circus 2013

Magique Halloween Circus 2013 – tickets on sale now

The Jaguar of Burlesque – Frankie Faux will be one of the amazing artists performing at Magique Halloween Circus 2013 this year. This fierce and ferocious black haired feline has shredded her way through the entertainment scene, becoming the best emerging burlesque artist in Australia.

Winning the title of “First Runner Up Miss Burlesque Australia” 2013,”Most Likely To Take Over The World” at the Busties 2013 and “Black Cherry Burlesque Knockout Competition Winner” 2011.

Interweaving retro glamour with modern concepts, Frankie’s lustrous figure and nostalgic looks will capture your gaze, whilst executing fierce, lascivious and passionate acts. Well known for leaving an audience pleasantly surprised by both her creative routines and curvaceous assets.

This year we are hosting the Halloween event on the largest boat Sydney has to offer – the bella vista, with a glass 360 degrees panoramic view and a capacity of 900 people you will need to book fast as this will sell out. If you’re not sure what to dress up as for Magique Halloween Circus.. we have uploaded over a bunch of pics/ideas in this album

Halloween party

Watch out for this siren: Frankie Faux is ready to rock Sydney Halloween Party Magique Halloween Circus 2013. Tickets on sale now.

Magique Halloween Circus 2013

have you got your tickets, check out the video from last years event which we hosted at Luna Park Sydney – the Big Top Sydney. This year on the boat Halloween will be even bigger and better.

thanks for stopping by our blog and look forward to partying with you all on the boat this coming Halloween.

Magique Halloween Circus 2013


The planning has begun, are you ready for Halloween 2013 ! ?

Magique Halloween Circus is now in it’s 4th year, and this is our 5th year hosting halloween events. Our first party a sold out Harbour Cruise in 2009. This year seems to be flying by already and we have already started planning the 2013 event.
Sydney Halloween Circus Magique

2013 Sydney Halloween

The effort guests put into their costumes is really what sets aside Magique from other Halloween parties in Sydney. Making it compulsory to dress up is a benefit too, it attracts a great crowd of friendly party goers.

Have you watched the Video from the 2012 event? check out the aftermovie below:

Sydney Halloween 2013

This year Magique Halloween Circus will Not be hosted at Luna Park Sydney, The Big top – and we have a new venue for you… time for a change with something slightly different.
Halloween Australia Event

Magique Halloween Circus Sydney

Halloween Australia 2013


Tickets and full info will be up soon, You can follow us on Facebook here. We have Birthday packages and special event discounts so feel free to email us today:

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Thanks for stopping by our Blog ! :)


Briana Bluebell Live at Magique Halloween Circus

We decided to explore the darker side of Burlesque, after all it is Halloween.  Briana Bluebell brings a strong stage presence, a touch of comedy and the ability to captivate a crowd of any size.

Cutting out most of the nudity we wanted to give you a teaser from Last years Magique Halloween Circus Burlesque performance by Briana. With over 140 Performers gracing the many stages of Luna Parks Big Top, Magique Halloween was a Hit!

Briana Bluebell

Burlesque Sydney

You can watch the full event trailer  for the 2012 edition of Magique Halloween below

Halloween Circus 2012

Miss Burlesque Australia 2012 Winner – Briana Bluebell

For some time now, Magique has have the privilege of working with the sassy Burlesque sensation Briana Bluebell. We want to take the opportunity to congratulate her for the recent Miss Burlesque 2012 win over the weekend.

Briana Bluebell

Burlesque Hire

Briana Blubell recently Performed on our Easter Harbour Cruise – Magique Chocolate Factory 2012 and as expected, was a hit!. With Hand Made costumes, a strong stage presence and solid understanding of dance & burlesque.. Briana is a well deserved winner!

Hire Burlesque

Burlesque Australia

To View Briana Bluebells Performer Profile Click here

Burlesque Australia

To View all of Magique Burlesque Performers click here

If you missed Briana Bluebell at Magique Chocolate Factory, you will still have the chance to see her live on the stages of Luna Parks Big top this coming October for Magique Halloween Circus 2012! ~ and if you would like to book a special Performance by Briana for your event Feel free to contact us today.


Best Dressed Winner – Magique Chocolate Factory 2012

It’s always hard to choose, and we tend to leave a lot of the voting up to you the fans whom attend our parties. We don’t like the whole, get the most “likes” and you win approach because we all know thats more of a popularity contest as posed to a genuine ‘your costume is awesome’ vote :)

Magique Cruise

so without Further ado , lets announce the Winner:

Fancy Dress Party

Sydney Costume Party

Chocolate Party Sydney

Sydney Costume Party

Congratulations to Nick Stone AKA: BATMAN

Nick has won 2x tickets to Magique Halloween Circus 2012 and 2x Gold Class Movie Tickets Prize Valued at over $170, Well Deserved!.

Halloween Luna Park

Free Movie Tickets

Win Movie Tickets

2nd place??? …..ok

Costume Party Sydney

This Year we decided to do a runners up prize to the “Swat Babes” all in theme and all in character all night.

Sydney Costume Party

The SWAT team has taken hostage Magique events various times as: Ninja Turtles, Naughty Maids and we couldn’t ignore their awesomeness! So 2nd Place is to the 6 SWAT babes awarded 6 x Tickets to Magique Halloween Circus 2012 Free!

See you all at Magique Halloween Circus 2012 – Luna Park Sydney

Halloween Party Sydney

Halloween Circus 2012

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