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Sydney Magician

if your looking for a local Magician to perform at your event, you have come to the right place. But before we tell you about Magique, below is a few tips/ pointers which will help you with your Magician search:

* Watch their Promo Video. Generally the easiest way to get a feel for the Magicians style is to watch him online, see what comments users have made and see how much of his work is up online. If he doesn’t have any videos up online, this could be a No.

* Get a few quotes, but know what your paying for. Don’t just go for the cheapest, the most expensive but rather look at the level of skill of the performer. In this, dont just take it on “I have 15 years experience” as some performers tend to overrate their skill- he could have been doing 15 years of bad shows.

* Get testimonials, if a Magician is good and has been working for a number of years he would and should have some past testimonials, these could be written on a company letterhead with contact details, this allows you to call the customer and ask a few questions.

* Understand what you need, I talk more about this in Different Types of Magic shows, what to choose. There is Close up, mingle Magic or stage magic and a few tips in that article which will help in deciding what will work for your guests.

* $100, $200, $300, $400 you will not get a good magician. Your best of looking for a clown or entry level performer. A professional Magician with a min of 5-6 years experience will not perform for this, this is pretty standard worldwide.
Sydney Magicianany other questions feel free to touch base with us, or contact us here.

Here is a few reasons why Magique can, and will help find the best Magician or performer for your event:

* Unlike a stand alone performer, we have a cast of various performers at hand. By firstly understanding your event, your audience, location and the type of event we can suggest the best performer from our cast.

* Obligation free quote, and Demonstration: you can meet any of Magiques Magicians for an free demonstration at a location close to you. This is the easiest way to decide before you commit.

Hire Sydney Magicians

* Working with various performers, if for whatever reason your Magician is ill, sick or unable to make it – we can always find a suitable replacement with little to no stress.

* We work alongside the Magicians we work with, attend their shows and have a strong grasp on what will work and what wont. We understand how different shows can suit different audiences and will always work with our clients interest first.

You can view some of our  Magicians here or feel free to call 1300 747 644 or Contact Us
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Christmas Party Entertainment – Corporate Magician

where did the year go? seems 2012 has just zipped by..and well now its that time of year again. Most companies know the advantage of planning your corporate christmas party early. The main one being you can save on your venue and location if you are a savvy shopper.

Australian Magician

Magic is always popular, and the summer months seem to be our most popular with the bookings and enquiries starting to take form this month.
Magique, a boutique of Magicians is also a source of various other Unique entertainers. Through us, you can source, Burlesque, Stilt Walkers, Jugglers or anything – Out of the Box, as they say.

Magician Sydney


feel free to contact us today for your party needs, you can Call us on 1300 747 644 or through the contact form on our website: click here.

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Pedro Ruiz

Magique Turns 2

Although the business was registered in april on 2009, and wasnt till late october ( 2 years ago ) in 2009 that we pushed our ship from shore into the scary sea of business. Time really does fly! and looking back from the place we started.. we are happy with all we have discovered & created along the way.

Magique turns 2

Of course the journey is not over, it has only just begun. Magique was formed shortly after I “james Patrick” hosted my birthday on a Harbour cruise with my best friend – whom is a magician, Jean-Christophe Performing with various other magic buddies I’d met over the years. The first cruise, my birthday – saw 120 people aboard and everyone seemed to have a great time.

within 2 years, we have taken it from 120 people – to 2300+ …so we must be sailing in the right direction. In saying that, the focus is not throwing the biggest parties by any means, but rather attempting to throw the most unique parties. Unique by the effort our clientelle put into their costumes, the stage acts and the general visual layout and vibe. No Fights, No troublemakers just a group of people bound by a common interest – fun!

Halloween Sydney 2012

Okok, enough bragging, we are excited, it’s and exciting business and we hope to be able to always better each and every event we do. Feedback is cruicial for us, and we love your input.

Feel free to email us today, with Idea – Suggestions and thoughts on how we can make our Parties even better than they are:  or you can even call us up on 1300 747 644. If you need a Sydney Magician or Melbourne Magician or unique entertainer for your event feel free to contact us today

Melbourne Magician

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November Promo: Free Movie Tickets …HOW ??

IN General, anything Free is pretty good.. well not always but a Free Movie is a good way to spend a night, especially in this weather. At MAGIQUE about 80% of our business is word of mouth, previous clients recommending us to their friends and co-workers.

Suggest Magique as your Christmas Party Entertainment

Christmas Party Entertainment

We now are interested in rewarding you, our friends – for referring us to your place of work for their Christmas party. Most companies find it difficult to source unique entertainment at a good price, and that is where MAGIQUE comes in. Working with Australias Top Magicians, Burlesque Performers, Fire jugglers etc. we can provide unique close up and stage entertainment from a small 20-30 person event, up to 500 People+

Burlesque Sydney

OK Ok how do I win, your probably thinking. Well its not a “one lucky person” deal, its anyone and everyone can be a winner. With Every Referral you  or your company emails us ( or calls us (1300 747 644) we will reward you with 2x movie tickets for you and a friend.

Sydney Movie Tickets

Just a simple way for us to say thanks, if your rather social and refer us 3 or more people we will upgrade one of your double pass – prizes to a Gold Class ticket(s). Now we don’t really need you to start Hassling every person on your facebook.. but rather have a think.. “is my work doing a christmas party?” do we need entertainment, simple as that.

Suggest Magique as your Christmas Party Entertainment

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David Dodgen – Australian Magician

The Team at Magique now has the opportunity to work with one of Australians Finest, David Dodgen.

Sydney Magician

His engaging magic and witty personality has dazzled international corporations such as Coca Cola, international entertainers such as the Bee Gees, and international events such as the Sydney Olympics Closing Ceremony after party. He was also the face of Estee Lauders’ ‘Illusionist’ launch.

David mesmerized the crowd at the Sydney launch of Harry Potters ‘Rise of the Pheonix’ and he performed and co-hosted the Variety Club Christmas bash with Gretel Killeen. His regular TV appearances include Channel 7’s Cheez TV and Channel 10 News. He has even spell bound the airwaves for the 2WS Breakfast Show’s – ‘Magic Over the Radio’. A member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, he was Awarded fastest time in Australia for Houdini’s Classical Illusion ‘Metamorphosis’ at the Australian Magic Championships. Not only wicked on stage, David was voted one of Cleo’s top 50 most eligible bachelors in 2002.

From performing close up magic at functions and parties to Cabaret and Illusion shows, he truly is one of a kind. For more information on Magician David or to Book him for your Wedding, Corporate event or special day feel free to contact us today