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The planning has begun, are you ready for Halloween 2013 ! ?

Magique Halloween Circus is now in it’s 4th year, and this is our 5th year hosting halloween events. Our first party a sold out Harbour Cruise in 2009. This year seems to be flying by already and we have already started planning the 2013 event.
Sydney Halloween Circus Magique

2013 Sydney Halloween

The effort guests put into their costumes is really what sets aside Magique from other Halloween parties in Sydney. Making it compulsory to dress up is a benefit too, it attracts a great crowd of friendly party goers.

Have you watched the Video from the 2012 event? check out the aftermovie below:

Sydney Halloween 2013

This year Magique Halloween Circus will Not be hosted at Luna Park Sydney, The Big top – and we have a new venue for you… time for a change with something slightly different.
Halloween Australia Event

Magique Halloween Circus Sydney

Halloween Australia 2013


Tickets and full info will be up soon, You can follow us on Facebook here. We have Birthday packages and special event discounts so feel free to email us today:

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Adelaide Magician Vinh Giang teams up with Magique

As Magique expands throughout Australia, today we introduce to you Adelaides Finest, Magician Vinh Giang.

 Vinh is not just a Magician, but a remarkable speaker and motivator who fuses his magic skill with training, teaching and helping you deliver your corporate message. For us it is always hard to find someone who posses both the technical skill magic wise, along with the strong oral presentation skills. So as you can imagine, we where rather excited when we had a chat with Vinh.
Australian Magician

Although Magician Vinh Giang is based in Adelaide he does perform throughout Australia, and feel free to contact us today to discuss your Corporate event needs. Lets talk how magic can entertain your guests in a innovative way.

If you are a Magician and think you have what it takes to join Magique feel free to contact us today, we would love to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by our blog.
Magician Adelaide

Sydney Magician

if your looking for a local Magician to perform at your event, you have come to the right place. But before we tell you about Magique, below is a few tips/ pointers which will help you with your Magician search:

* Watch their Promo Video. Generally the easiest way to get a feel for the Magicians style is to watch him online, see what comments users have made and see how much of his work is up online. If he doesn’t have any videos up online, this could be a No.

* Get a few quotes, but know what your paying for. Don’t just go for the cheapest, the most expensive but rather look at the level of skill of the performer. In this, dont just take it on “I have 15 years experience” as some performers tend to overrate their skill- he could have been doing 15 years of bad shows.

* Get testimonials, if a Magician is good and has been working for a number of years he would and should have some past testimonials, these could be written on a company letterhead with contact details, this allows you to call the customer and ask a few questions.

* Understand what you need, I talk more about this in Different Types of Magic shows, what to choose. There is Close up, mingle Magic or stage magic and a few tips in that article which will help in deciding what will work for your guests.

* $100, $200, $300, $400 you will not get a good magician. Your best of looking for a clown or entry level performer. A professional Magician with a min of 5-6 years experience will not perform for this, this is pretty standard worldwide.
Sydney Magicianany other questions feel free to touch base with us, or contact us here.

Here is a few reasons why Magique can, and will help find the best Magician or performer for your event:

* Unlike a stand alone performer, we have a cast of various performers at hand. By firstly understanding your event, your audience, location and the type of event we can suggest the best performer from our cast.

* Obligation free quote, and Demonstration: you can meet any of Magiques Magicians for an free demonstration at a location close to you. This is the easiest way to decide before you commit.

Hire Sydney Magicians

* Working with various performers, if for whatever reason your Magician is ill, sick or unable to make it – we can always find a suitable replacement with little to no stress.

* We work alongside the Magicians we work with, attend their shows and have a strong grasp on what will work and what wont. We understand how different shows can suit different audiences and will always work with our clients interest first.

You can view some of our  Magicians here or feel free to call 1300 747 644 or Contact Us
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Magique in Asia (27/12/2012 – 18/02/2013)

from December 27th 2012 – February 18th 2013 the Magique team will be working abroad and have limited access to Facebook, social media and our 1300 number. Working throughout China etc. these tools are restricted in certain regions so we will advise customers to contact us through our email.

2012十二月二十七日-2013二月十八日MAGIQUE队伍将在国外工作,很少有机会获得facebook ,社会媒体和我们的1300号。在中国,这些工具是限制在某些地区,我们会建议客户联系我们通过电子邮件。

In 2013 we are working on expanding the Magique brand to an international level, with a larger range of performers and more events both within Australia, and worldwide. Understanding the global market also help us improve what we offer as Magique within Australia. Any questions feel free to email us, and keep an eye out for some exciting news for Magique in 2013!

2013我们正在扩大MAGIQUE品牌到国际水平,更大范围的表演者和更多的事件都在澳大利亚,和世界各地。了解全球市场也帮助我们改进我们MAGIQUE在澳大利亚。任何问题随时给我们发电子邮件,并留意一些令人振奋的消息,MAGIQUE 2013!