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Sydney Halloween 2017 : Magique Halloween Circus, Sydney Harbour Cruise.

Sydney Halloween 2017: Magique Halloween Circus 2017

Magique Halloween Circus is our annual Halloween Harbour Cruise hosted on a luxury 900 person Boat on Sydney Harbour. This year there will be 2 Magique Halloween Circus events hosted on Saturday 28th October 2017; one catering to Under 18 guests running from 1:45pm – 6:00pm and the Over 18 event running from 7:45pm – 12:00 Midnight.

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Sydney Halloween Party 2017

Magique Halloween Circus is Hosted on a Large, Luxury 900 person Boat.

Sydney Halloween Party

Magique Halloween Circus will showcase Australia’s best: Magicians, Burlesque performers, Dancers, Fire Performers, Jugglers, DJs & Musicians and Much much more!

It’s compulsory to dress up at Magique Halloween Circus and you can dress up as anything or anyone! It doesn’t need to be a scary costume. The Boat is equipped with 3 bars spread over two levels and 360° degree windows to take in the spectacular views of Sydney harbour.

Check out some pictures below from past Magique Halloween Circus events.

Sydney Halloween

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Tickets on sale in July 2017, stay tuned !

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Sydney Halloween 2017

Magique Boat Party on the MV Bella Vista Boat sydney

Halloween cruise in Sydney
Halloween Sydney 2017


Halloween Sydney 2015 – Magique Halloween Circus 2015

Halloween Sydney 2015 – Sydney Harbour Cruise – Tickets on sale now!

Halloween wasn’t that Big in Australia, MAGIQUE is focused on making it a big deal with an annual party: Magique Halloween Circus and over the past 6 years it has! Hosted in Sydney, Australia Magique Halloween Circus is a combination of a Dance Party, Rave style clubbing mixed with Live performances and circus acts performing simultaneously throughout the night . Something you typically only witness on the stages of superclubs in Ibiza and abroad.

The past  6 years has seen the Magique Halloween Circus event hosted on a Large boat which has a capacity of 900 people and is fitted with Glass walls, providing a spectacular 360 degree view of Australia’s icon harbour - Sydney Harbour.

Halloween Sydney

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Halloween Sydney 2015

The Boat ventures underneath the iconic harbour bridge, past the Opera house and so on.. all with music thumping and 900 guests all in costume, the costume part is compulsory!.  Aside from being in some form of costume, or being dressed up as some form of character the only other condition is that you are 18 or over as the boat is a licensed venue with two Bars on board.

Halloween Sydney 2015Sydney Boat HireHalloween Sydney 2015Below is some of the core information for our Halloween event, check it out and grab your tickets today cause as usual, this cruise always sells out well in advance.

Ticket Prices:
Early-Bird Tickets: $50 – Limited tickets available
Second Release Tickets: $60
Final Release Tickets: $70

Event Information:
Event Date: Saturday 31st October 2015
Event Start time: Boat will pick up from King Street Wharf, Wharf 9 at 745pm.
Cruise Duration: 4 hours
Ticket options: Moshtix, Netbank or Funds Transfer, Meet a Magique rep in Sydney CBD – cash in person
Birthday Packages/Group Packages (10 available) : contact us

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Halloween Sydney 2015Halloween SydneyMagique Halloween Circus SydneyTickets on sale now : Magique Halloween Circus 2015 – Halloween Sydney 2015. Above we have link buttons to grab your tickets now.

Halloween SYdneyHalloween Sydney 2015Halloween SydneyHalloween SydneyHalloween Sydney
Thanks for stopping by our blog, if you have any questions at all about our Halloween Party in Sydney or any of the events we run, Or you’re interested in hiring a performer for your own event feel free to contact us today via email or phone 1300 747 644.
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Halloween Sydney 2015Halloween Sydney 2015sydney magicianHalloween cruise in Sydney

Thanks for stopping by our Blog, see you Saturday October 31st !

Halloween 2015 Sydney

Magique MagicianHalloween MagiqueMagique Halloween Circus Sydney PartyMagique Halloween Circus Sydney 2Bella Vista BoatMagique Halloween Circus

5 years of Magique Halloween !

Sydneys best Halloween Party – 5 years strong!

Wow!! we are approaching our 5th year as Magique, and as the host for the Hottest Halloween Party in Sydney, Australia. It’s been a crazy ride, and in this short blog we thought we would list a few notable moments of the past 5 years.

Halloween SydneyThrowback to our first Halloween party which was in 2009 and it’s obvious to see how far we’ve come, with your help & support of course!

Our first Cruise in 2009 was a sell out event with 500 guests all dressed up and ready to party.  The event sold out 2 weeks prior and was a wonderful start for MAGIQUE.

Sydney Halloween

In year 2, we moved from our original boat party to the stages of Luna Park, where over the next 3 years we would host the craziest, most wicked, and most insane halloween party Sydney has to offer.

Halloween SydneySydney Halloween

At Luna Park we saw thousands attended all in costume,and as always a wonderful vibe.  It’s great to be able to attract a fun and friendly crowd who know how to party.

2012 was our last year at The Big Top, Luna Park Sydney and we moved the event to the Biggest boat on Sydneys Harbour – The Bella Vista. This luxurious Glass boat has a capacity of 900! and a 360degrees glass view.
Bella Vista Boat

2013 we set sail and what an epic night it was, the short video recap of the 2013 Halloween event below should give you an idea of what we are talking about:

The atmoshpere was electric and it was awesome to see so many familiar faces, along with some new ones. The costumes as always were amazing! and we set up a stella line up of shows.
Magique Halloween Circus

Magique Dance Party SydneyMagique Halloween CircusMagique Halloween CircusMagique Halloween Circus

What an awesome night!. It’s hard to believe it’s been 5 years, time just moves way way too fast. Now our 5th year we are planning to make Magique Halloween Circus 2014 the best one yet.

Magique Chocolate Factory 2014


Bigger Production, more insane shows! and always a sold out event. Tickets are on sale now to Magique Halloween Circus 2014 here

Thanks for all your support over the past 5years and look forward to another amazing 5 more! :)

Magique Halloween CircusHalloween Costume Ideassydney halloween 2013Magique Halloween Circus

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[Pictures] Magique Halloween Circus 2013

Magique Halloween Circus 2013 was hosted on the Biggest party boat on Sydney harbour: The Bella Vista. In this blog we thought we would show you some of the pictures from the party that set sale last Halloween.  PICTURES : MAGIQUE HALLOWEEN CIRCUS

Magique Halloween Circus


Magique Dance Party SydneyMagique Halloween Circus Magique Halloween CircusMagique Halloween CircusMagique Halloween CircusMagique Halloween CircusMagique Halloween CircusMagique Halloween Circus Magique Halloween Circus Magique Halloween Circus Magique Halloween CircusMagique Halloween CircusMagique Halloween CircusMagique Halloween CircusMagique Halloween Circus Magique Halloween CircusMagique Halloween Circus

Halloween Harbour Cruise – Magique Halloween Circus

Halloween Harbour Cruise – Tickets on Sale now

It’s the 1st of October and 33 days till the Halloween Harbour Cruise sets sail for our annual event- Magique Halloween Circus 2013 . If you’ve never been to a Magique party before, now is your chance. Check out last years video below. Last few years we hosted Halloween at Luna Park Sydney – The Big top, however this year we have decided to change it up a bit and hit Sydneys harbour for something different.

Tickets are now on sale, more info click here . Tickets can b bought via moshtix, funds transfer, ovr th phone or you can mt us in th city – Sydney to pick them up and pay that way

sydney halloween 2013

As most of you know, it’s compulsory to dress up so make sure you have a costume or your dressed as something, someone.. just not yourself haha.

Halloween Harbour Cruise

Sydney Harbour is spectacular and Sydney halloween 2013 is going to be brilliant with Magiques top Sydney Magicians performing live, and a long list of stage and close up circus performers ready to dazzle you. It’s always great to see a good bunch of people all come together to party and enjoy themselves.

sydney halloween 2013

For our Halloween Harbour Cruise we will have our best DJs matched with musicians ready to rock the boat and keep you all dancing non stop from 8pm on Saturday 2nd November 2013. For more information on Magique Halloween Circus 2013 tickets, and the event overall visit the event page here, or feel free to call us on 1300 747 644 and happy to help were we can.

Halloween Harbour Cruise

Now I just need to decide what I should dress up as … hmmmmmmmmm any suggestions

Thanks for stopping by our blog guys and look forward to seeing you all on the boat.