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Miss Burlesque Australia 2012 Winner – Briana Bluebell

For some time now, Magique has have the privilege of working with the sassy Burlesque sensation Briana Bluebell. We want to take the opportunity to congratulate her for the recent Miss Burlesque 2012 win over the weekend.

Briana Bluebell

Burlesque Hire

Briana Blubell recently Performed on our Easter Harbour Cruise – Magique Chocolate Factory 2012 and as expected, was a hit!. With Hand Made costumes, a strong stage presence and solid understanding of dance & burlesque.. Briana is a well deserved winner!

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Burlesque Australia

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Burlesque Australia

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If you missed Briana Bluebell at Magique Chocolate Factory, you will still have the chance to see her live on the stages of Luna Parks Big top this coming October for Magique Halloween Circus 2012! ~ and if you would like to book a special Performance by Briana for your event Feel free to contact us today.


A Magique Hens Night ~ Strippers are soooo 2011!

It’s your last Hoorah! so understandably you’d want to make it memorable. More and more we see clients being creative and opting against the typical get blind drunk have a stripper etc. ideal that is the standard Hens Night.

Magique is all about being Unique, showcasing the different and now you have the chance to book the mystery we offer, for your special party. You dont want a stripper, well simply because they are a  bit cheesy – tacky and sometimes, a bit dirty! But what options do you Have?

The Magique Hens Package is all you need to create a lasting impression with all your guests. Lets first talk about Boylesque. What is Boylesque?

Burlesque Male

Well simply, you have heard of Burlesque – Boylesque is our version of the male representation of this art. Boylesque is all about style, movement and a unique strong stage presence. There is no cheesy music or cream licking – not to say thats bad, think of Boylesque as a artistic and more classic version of stripping.

With the help of elaborate costumes, and props the allure and character of the male performer will draw you into his uniquely choreographed world of seduction. Remaining masculine and engaging it is a unique addition to any Hens Party or Birthday event.


Now without giving too much away, we do also look after Male Pole Dancers and Male Magicians who can customise a special cheeky illusion show for your event.

Sydney Male Pole Dancer

Focused on the skilled, unique and of course the sexy not tacky with Magique you will receive a unique entertainment option. Feel free to call us today on 1300 747 644 or contact us here to discuss your event and how we can add value to what your planning.