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Magique Halloween Circus 2015 – Pictures & Videos

What an Incredible night, 900 people aboard our annual Sydney harbour cruise: Magique Halloween Circus. Below is some pictures and Videos we captured from the night. A special thanks goes out to all the amazing performers and staff who helped make this night happen and the guests who put in a tremendous effort into their costumes.

The full Aftermovie video will be up on Youtube on November 8th 2015.

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Sydney HalloweenSydney HalloweenPredator costume cosplay Making it compulsory to dress up in costume set the tone for the night and always helps create an awesome Atmosphere. Along with our DJs playing non stop at Magique Halloween Circus we also had: Magicians, Burlesque performers, Jugglers, Fire Twirlers, Contortionists, Dancers, Musicians and much more performing non stop!

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Thanks for stopping by our Blog, Hope to see you at Magique Halloween Circus 2016 !

Cosplay at Magique Halloween Circus 2015

Halloween is almost upon us and we’re excited to announce that two awesssssomme cosplayers will be joining our Sydney event this year. The two wicked cosplayers I’m speaking about are…

Sydney Cosplay

That’s right! it’s Black Cat & Something Wicked Cosplay !! are coming to Magique Halloween Circus 2015. To grab tickets to our Halloween boat party click below.

Halloween Sydney 2015

Check out some of their wicked costumes below and remember to go check out their Facebook pages. Below is a promo video for the Halloween party

Feel free to comment below :)

Cosplay guy
Deadpool costume
Domino Cosplay costume
Tomb Raider CostumeFreddy Costumesomething wicked cosplay

Sydney Magician

Hire a Sydney Magician with MAGIQUE

MAGIQUE is your Boutique of Magicians, Are you looking for a Local magicians for your event? look no further, we’ve got you covered ! :)

Sydney Magician

Whether your event is for 10 guests up to 5000 guests, a Magician is a great way to entertain for your event. At MAGIQUE we provide various types of Magicians & performers –  and shows. We don’t have set packages but rather customise the show to your event.

Close-Up Magic, mingle Magic :
Roving or Close-Up magic is great way to keep the event intimate and blow the minds of your guests, the Magician can mingle with your guests and showcase card, coin and various sleight of hand illusions.

Stage Magic, centre floor show :
You don’t specially need a huge or elaborate stage or setting to have stage magic, but generally you would need at least 50 guests and a setting where all guests can view the magician. Shows generally range from 5 minutes up to 30 minutes max! magic is fun, visual and amazing.

Hypnosis , Mentalism and Various other options of Illusion :
Seeing your best mate hypnotised is hilarious ! we can also provide stage or close up hypnosis shows, or illusionists who specialise in Mentalism. Contact us today for more info.
Magician CorporateMagician SYdneySydney MagicianSydney Magician Hire MagiqueSydney Magician
Prices for a Magician can vary but feel free to contact us today and we can provide an option that will fall within your budget. Call us on 1300 747 644 to discuss where your event is, how many people are attending and what type of show your after. If you’re unsure, we can guide you through what we suggest based on our experience working with Magician over the past 6 years.

Below is a few Videos of our Magicians.

Thanks for stopping by our Blog, contact us today to find your local Sydney Magician for your event. :)

Magician Daniel SpadeSydney MagicianSydney Magician

Mr. Chen Kunming China Scam – Circus.

Circus Performers, and anyone getting an email from Mr.Chen regarding a Circus event in February Please Read:


At Magique we curate events, and prior to our New Years Eve event in Dubai we were contacted from a person named Mr. Chen. Below is the original email:

Mr.Chen Kunming China

I tend to get at least 3-4 spam emails a day, selling me SEO etc. and I almost deleted this but when I noticed they wanted a circus I realised this could be a client. I had no reason to question their intentions as we do work globally.

After negotiating back and fourth and figuring out what Mr. Chen who was apparently from Guotai Economy and Technology Investment Co. Ltd wanted for a Circus event spanning 15 days at Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens for the Spring Festival I realised something was up.

We had agreed on an amount but the scammer aka Mr.Chen said this:
China Scams Kunming

After reading this red flags popped up, it seemed strange to have to fly to another country to sign a contract and to fly back – all at my own expense. I have never seen this in my dealings but in saying that China works differently that other places so I thought I would investigate this a bit more.. give them the benefit of the doubt,

They sent me an invitation letter which would be, if I was to go, be used to get my Chinese Visa. This Letter is below:
scam hong kong spring festival

There is one thing that Mr.Chen, aka the scammer didn’t know.. is that my Girlfriend is Chinese. I spoke to her about this and she mentioned to me that Kunming as an area is renowned for scams and to be careful.

The website provided by the scammer didn’t work, and I doublechecked the address and it wasn’t the same as the actual company name. Then I went onto google and typed “china scams kunming” and my assumptions were corrected.

This scammers number: Mobile: +86-15887282585 Tel: +86-871-63936160 was used a multitude of times across different companies, and different variations of Mr. Chen, Mr. Deng, Gouqing Chen and so on.

I was pretty suprised how many blogs and various sites I read about the same style of scam happening in china, they would get you there and then ask you to pay a fee to notarise the contract or would get you to buy cigarettes for officials and then get you to pay more when you return home – a Long con it is.

In the Bottom of this blog I have listed a few of the other Blog sites and discussions regarding these types of scams to help anyone else who is unsure or considering travelling to china under a similar false promise.

So aside from being cautious when doing business with China, or any other country what is my advice? well here is my opinion or advice on this matter, how you should deal with this:
* Get all the information of the person you are dealing with, name – email and company address their website. Do some research on their company and ensure that the person actually works there call that company if you need to.
* Reading a blog like this already shows that your in tune to knowing something is up – when it seems too good to be true it usually is.
* I Believe if you want to have the contract offically done, you can do this through their embassy but I suggest before event thinking about leaving your country you speak to your embassy and local officials who may be better equipped to answer your questions. They would see this kind of thing much more than any regular person.
*And do what I’m doing, the only thing I can. Write about it and spread the word so any of your trusting Circus friends are not conned by the same thing.

China Scam Kunming Blog – GoKunming Forum 

Linkedin Discussion – China Golf Course Kunming Scam 

Visiting China Scams – Notarize contract 

Other hostel scams in China – Kunming, roommate scam

I feel happy I have figured this out and didn’t venture to Asia but also a bit sad, it makes me a bit sad that their are so many tricky people out there that you almost always must keep your guard up. I feel sorry for the legitimate businesses in China, and especially in Kunming who would find it impossible to trade abroad whilst such operators are scamming across the Globe.

Anyways enough from me, feel free to comment below or event shoot us a message or wall post on our Facebook page here. We hope this blog has saved you some time, and some money and of course saved you from some headache !

If you Need a Circus, Magician, Halloween party or unique event feel free to email us.. with your correct details haha! . :)

Kunming Scams

Kunming Yunnan Scams

Dirdy Birdy Pole Dancing at Four Seasons Resort Jumeriah Beach Dubai

For New Years Eve, The new Four Seasons Resort in Dubai hired us (Magique) to create an epic show for New Years Eve.
Magique Dubai Four Seasons

Dirdy Birdy is an amazing Pole Dancer whom we knew would be perfect for this show. Watch a short clip of her show below:

The New Years Eve event was set of the rooftop bar known as Mercury Lounge, which has stunning Views of the Dubai Skyline.

Four Seasons Dubai Mercury

Dubai Mercury JumeriahMagique Angels & Demons is an event we have run several times, with a combination of our different performers in different venues. The focus is amazing artists in costumes, and dressed the part as an angel or a demon, usually one of each during the night.

For more information on the new Four Seasons Resort in Dubai, feel free to visit their website – this is a spectacular 5 star hotel worth the visit.

For information on hiring Dirdy Birdy for your event feel free to get in touch today :)

Check out the Video from the performance here: