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dynamo magician hits sydney

dynamo magician

The illusionist, who gained worldwide publicity by seemingly hovering 15ft off the ground alongside a moving double decker bus in London, flew into Sydney yesterday and is due to travel to Melbourne at the end of the week

He will appear on Channel 7s Sunrise breakfast show tomorrow morning and TV producers are encouraging Sydneysiders to go to the Plaza in Martin Place, in the city’s CBD, from 8am. He will also provide some distraction for office workers at lunchtime at the same place between 12pm and 1pm.

INGDirect who is sponsoring the Sydney event has promised the audience will be treated to some ‘gobsmacking’ magic.

The Bradford-born illusionist, whose real name is Steven Frayne, has attracted a host of celebrity fans with his stunts, including Manchester United’s soccer star Rio Ferdinand, comedian Matt Lucas and actress Lindsey Lohan, who have all appeared on his TV show Dynamo: Mission Impossible. With Lohan and Lucas, Dynamo appeared to make them levitate.

However, one of his most incredible tricks was ‘walking across water’ on the River Thames. He appeared to walk a distance of around 100 metres towards the middle of the Thames before being picked up by a police boat.


He also left onlookers stunned when he asked doormen at a party in London to hold his coat to screen him from view and then he seemingly walked through a solid glass window pane into the street and walked off.

Other stunts include diving from the top of the LA Times building and stopping in a horizontal position just before the ground and lifting 155kg weights at a gym, despite his slight frame.

But despite his amazing talent, some of the best moments of Frayne’s popular TV show, is watching the horrified faces of those witnessing his stunts.

On Twitter Dynamo, aged 30, who has more than a million followers, seemed to be excited at the prospect of coming to Australia, prior to his arrival when he tweeted: “Morning #Dynamites about to fly to Australia. Shout out to all my Australian followers!!!”



Adelaide Magician Vinh Giang teams up with Magique

As Magique expands throughout Australia, today we introduce to you Adelaides Finest, Magician Vinh Giang.

 Vinh is not just a Magician, but a remarkable speaker and motivator who fuses his magic skill with training, teaching and helping you deliver your corporate message. For us it is always hard to find someone who posses both the technical skill magic wise, along with the strong oral presentation skills. So as you can imagine, we where rather excited when we had a chat with Vinh.
Australian Magician

Although Magician Vinh Giang is based in Adelaide he does perform throughout Australia, and feel free to contact us today to discuss your Corporate event needs. Lets talk how magic can entertain your guests in a innovative way.

If you are a Magician and think you have what it takes to join Magique feel free to contact us today, we would love to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by our blog.
Magician Adelaide

Chinese Magician Lu Chen

Whilst in China we hope to see the most popular Magician locally, Lu Chen.
lu chen magician

Lu Chen has made multiple appearances internationally, performing in JapanSouth KoreaEurope, and the United States. His first public appearance in the mainland China was in 2009, during CCTV’s annual Spring Festival, performing a close-range three-part magic show, which included “teleporting” an engagement ring into a real egg. Guests were invited to try basic magic after the show was over.
Magicians in China
He has been the recipient of many international awards, including the famed “Neil Foster/Bill Baird Award for Excellence in Manipulation”, which is handed out yearly by the Chavez College of Magic.
Lui quin magic 

We will let you know what we think of his show :)

Thousands Gather under the Big Top for Magique Halloween Circus

What a Night ! in the past few years we have seen the event grow rapidly and mostly because of you , the crowd. The effort in costumes and fun vibe is what sets the tone for a friendly fun event that appreciates a combination of performance and upbeat music.
It’s not a Stage show, it’s not a Dance Party.. its Both!. With thousands of photos taken over the night , and many friends met during the 6 hours its the perfect ice breaker. Magique Magicians roam the floor boggling the minds of those who enter.
Halloween SydneyOn stage a cast of 60+ alternate to perform small performances of their unique circus style skill, all to the music you love. Each year we attempt to outdo ourselves and looking back on 2012 edition of our Halloween, we think we have succeeded. Now its time to make 2013 a bar above the last 3 years! …a big task.
Luna Park HalloweenBelieve it or not, we have already started planning, brainstorming, and researching on how to improve Magique Halloween Circus for 2013. Your feedback here is much appreciated as you’re our audience. Our fans are the most important part of the brand.
2013 HalloweenThe Team at Magique would like to thank the following people/companies who helped make Magique Halloween Circus 2012 a success:

The Space Cowboy : Sword Swallower and Bizarist performing on stage.
Melise Avion – Avion Aerial Arts: Aerialist performing on stage.
Defy: Boylesque Performer & Aerialist Performing on stage.
Jessica Ward: Hand Balancing & Aerialist performing on stage.
Creative Identity: Dance Group & Podium Performances
Sheena Miss demeanour: Burlesque
Beau Sargent: Contortion
James Hendricksen: Juggler
Outrageous Entertainment: Stil Walkers
Dirdy Birdy: Pole Dancer
Magician/Mentalist: Jean-Christophe Celestin
All the Actors hired and
Rabbit Magique- Mascot : Secret ;)

Stas Sax: Saxophone player
DJ R1: Disc Jockey
DJ Arbee: Disc Jockey
MC Afroman: MC

Video Production: Dope Source Media
Photography: 321 Photography, ThatGirlNina

Make up / Body Art:
Sum Body Art & Team
Make up by Jay
and Pedro Ruiz for helping us Backstage.

Sydney Halloween

Sydney Parties Club

Sydney Halloween Event

Gangnam Style

Halloween Circus Magique

Magique Halloween Circus


Thank you for everyone who experienced this years Magique Halloween Circus :)

Gangnam Style / Thriller – Batman vs Zombies

Check the Video out Below:

so Korean Pop star sensation PSY arrived in Sydney This week and with him, and also Halloween just around the corner we teamed up with Dope Source Media to create a fun, random viral video.

Sydney Halloween Costumes

Kien Luu from Dope Source Media shot & edited the Video and myself (James Patrick) came up with the concept. Make up to zombify our actors was supplied by Janet Yong & Estefania who did a great job in such short time provided. The whole video was strung together in 24 hours with the fast release being important.

Gangnam Style

 Magique grabbed the talented Stas on the saxophone and amazing Anh Le AKA Dirdy Birdy on the pole to add a different twist to the video. With slight Magique Halloween Circus promotion in the video we didn’t want to make it too much of an ad, but more a fun video that friends would share.

Sydney Halloween Party 2012

starting at 7am, it took all the way till 4pm to get make up, video and the shots we wanted. All the actors did a Great job getting involved and playing the Zombie roles – whom will be also performing on Halloween both on stage and roaming through the hall.

Australia Halloween

Style Gangnam

for those who are yet to see the Viral PSY video/song the video has taken the world by storm and broken records for views and likes across the board with PSY quirky dancing, and unique chessy sound

PSY Sydney

We are wondering if anyone this Halloween will actually dress up as a Zombified PSY? this will be interesting. If you haven’t got your tickets to our Halloween event at Luna Park yet, you can still get $60 tickets but only for a short time. Check out the event page here:

Halloween Sydney 2012 Click Here – Magique Halloween Circus information

Anh Le Pole Dance

Sydney Zombies

Sydney Flash Mob

We did get quite a few strange looks whilst roaming the city, but all in the name of art… right? :) we want to do this again so if you want to get involved feel free to contact us direct or comment – its all for fun!. See you all at Luna Park this coming Saturday

Viral Video

Gangnam Style

Sydney Batman

Batman Halloween

Viral Video