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Tips for Magicians : Marketing yourself successfully.

How to Promote yourself as a Magician – Illusionist

In this Blog I thought I would take the opportunity to share some marketing tips for newcomers, and some ideas for the established performing illusionists out there

Getting Started

I see it too often where Magicians base their image, performance and style on a famous Magician or someone they Idolise.  In this industry, in my opinion there is way to many cliche performers and I would love to encourage people to think outside of the box. Be creative with your look, with your marketing material and your overall Brand.

Dont have a website? get one. Whilst your doing that – set up a Facebook “like” page and a Twitter account and Youtube Channel. You can connect the both to make life easier if your not much of a social media person. Content is king in social media so focus on providing go material through all your channels and people will follow you.

“hey guys my page” 

Success does not beg for recognition, but rather focuses on refining a quality product that will in turn, create the desired result. I’d suggest Blogging once a month and creating regular Videos to build interest and be true to what you like – you may upset some people with your opinion but thats life: this can work in your favour. Kyle Sandillands has built a career off it.
y u no like my facebook page

Your Brand

Well your now about to start building your brand. Here is my advice:
Don’t Rush the this is you do not want to keep changing – no momentum will be gained and you will seem a bit wishy washy.
Logo: Have a logo if you can – this can be your name or a symbol.
Have a theme: this has to be consistant through your Web/Social Media/Business Cards/dress etc.
Have a Point of Difference: What make you different from the competition?, You need to bring something fresh to the table to make any real waves in this business. Being a good magician or a nice guy, or strong performer is simply not enough.
Efficiency: If your slow to reply to emails and calls, then get and agent (contact us). being efficient is the work of a true professional. If this is not your skill, do not stress – get a good agent you trust and focus on your magic.

Your Name

I’ve asked this to a few of our performers, and I notice that a lot of people that mention: “I’ve seen a magician before” and can never remember the name. Sure you mention your name many times but do people remember it?. This is your brand so customise your show – magic so that every client you meet has your name tattooed in their brain. this is essential for Word of Mouth to be effective.


Understand the Market, what to charge and don’t undercut the industry to win business. Not only will you cheapen what your doing but you will annoy your piers. Prices are set at a certain medium for a reason and this is definitely not the industry to focus on the short term quick money.

(More about average pricing of Magicians)



Simply dont talk about it, dont gossip and dont say anything about it to clients. A true professional does not need to mention the competition even when asked, clients will always understand when you refuse to talk about it. Avoid Gossip – it’s a waste of time.
Magician Gossip

These are just a few quick tips, and we would love to hear your thoughts – ideas and opinions on strategy that may work for you. feel free to ask us any questions :)

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