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Christmas Party Entertainment – Corporate Magician

where did the year go? seems 2012 has just zipped by..and well now its that time of year again. Most companies know the advantage of planning your corporate christmas party early. The main one being you can save on your venue and location if you are a savvy shopper.

Australian Magician

Magic is always popular, and the summer months seem to be our most popular with the bookings and enquiries starting to take form this month.
Magique, a boutique of Magicians is also a source of various other Unique entertainers. Through us, you can source, Burlesque, Stilt Walkers, Jugglers or anything – Out of the Box, as they say.

Magician Sydney


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Pedro Ruiz

Cosentino – ‘Distortions’ Australian Tour 2012

Cosentino, Australia’s Number 1 illusionist is continuing to take the country and the world by storm. As a daredevil performer, Cosentino has already achieved what many performers have already dreamed of. Runner up in the highest rating show in 2011 Australia’s Got Talent, A three time award winning Australian Magician, A Guinness World Record holder, nominee for the prestigious Helpmann Awards, 2012 winner of the Merlin Award, and a Sold Out Regent Theatre show under his belt that will soon be featured on a  Channel 7 TV special.

The Sydney Performance of Cosentino’s Show ‘Distortions’ will take place on Saturday 17th November 2012 at The Enmore Theatre Sydney. For full information on other Australia Tour dates you can visit :    Cosentino Website

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Cosentino’s original and innovative presentations have earned him respect of his Peers and Clients alike. A pure showman, his productions are among the most powerful, riveting and sought after in the entertainment industry today.

Magician Sydney

Tickets are on sale through the Ticketek Website or by calling 132 849.

Magic Event Sydney

Australia has never, ever had a Performer like Cosentino” ~ Dannii Minogue 


  ” I am amazed in the First time in my entire life! ” ~ Kyle Sandilands.


Go on a Magical Journey in which Cosentino’s Magical dexterity,intimate magic mysteries and intense escapes will astound you and distort your perception of reality. For More information on Booking Cosentino for your Corporate event, feel free to Contact Us today or View our Performer Page.



Best Dressed Winner – Magique Chocolate Factory 2012

It’s always hard to choose, and we tend to leave a lot of the voting up to you the fans whom attend our parties. We don’t like the whole, get the most “likes” and you win approach because we all know thats more of a popularity contest as posed to a genuine ‘your costume is awesome’ vote :)

Magique Cruise

so without Further ado , lets announce the Winner:

Fancy Dress Party

Sydney Costume Party

Chocolate Party Sydney

Sydney Costume Party

Congratulations to Nick Stone AKA: BATMAN

Nick has won 2x tickets to Magique Halloween Circus 2012 and 2x Gold Class Movie Tickets Prize Valued at over $170, Well Deserved!.

Halloween Luna Park

Free Movie Tickets

Win Movie Tickets

2nd place??? …..ok

Costume Party Sydney

This Year we decided to do a runners up prize to the “Swat Babes” all in theme and all in character all night.

Sydney Costume Party

The SWAT team has taken hostage Magique events various times as: Ninja Turtles, Naughty Maids and we couldn’t ignore their awesomeness! So 2nd Place is to the 6 SWAT babes awarded 6 x Tickets to Magique Halloween Circus 2012 Free!

See you all at Magique Halloween Circus 2012 – Luna Park Sydney

Halloween Party Sydney

Halloween Circus 2012

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Magique Turns 2

Although the business was registered in april on 2009, and wasnt till late october ( 2 years ago ) in 2009 that we pushed our ship from shore into the scary sea of business. Time really does fly! and looking back from the place we started.. we are happy with all we have discovered & created along the way.

Magique turns 2

Of course the journey is not over, it has only just begun. Magique was formed shortly after I “james Patrick” hosted my birthday on a Harbour cruise with my best friend – whom is a magician, Jean-Christophe Performing with various other magic buddies I’d met over the years. The first cruise, my birthday – saw 120 people aboard and everyone seemed to have a great time.

within 2 years, we have taken it from 120 people – to 2300+ …so we must be sailing in the right direction. In saying that, the focus is not throwing the biggest parties by any means, but rather attempting to throw the most unique parties. Unique by the effort our clientelle put into their costumes, the stage acts and the general visual layout and vibe. No Fights, No troublemakers just a group of people bound by a common interest – fun!

Halloween Sydney 2012

Okok, enough bragging, we are excited, it’s and exciting business and we hope to be able to always better each and every event we do. Feedback is cruicial for us, and we love your input.

Feel free to email us today, with Idea – Suggestions and thoughts on how we can make our Parties even better than they are:  or you can even call us up on 1300 747 644. If you need a Sydney Magician or Melbourne Magician or unique entertainer for your event feel free to contact us today

Melbourne Magician

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Cosentino – Australian Magician

It was a series of mixed emotions from Happiness to disappointment and all that falls in between. This season of Australians got Talent was one of the best, with the ratings to prove it. In my opinion, mostly due to the new variety of  actual Talented acts ranging from the young winner – 14 year old Jack Vigen up to the Senior performers from Benchmark.

As much as I like Jack, I wanted something different from the cliche Singer or Dancer to take the crown. This view is expressed by many but as the show comes down to “votes” not enough people must share my opinion. Many have claimed “its rigged” and that Jack was groomed as a winner from the start.

The validity of this we will never be known but I do know that the production of  Singers/Dancers from Talent search shows in my opinion will soon see their demise. I was Very very happy that Australian Magician Cosentino Made is through to finals, and also surprised he pushed all the way through to 2nd place.  My jubilation mostly rised from the exposure and what this can possibly do for the Magic community.

What do I mean about the magic community??.. well mainstream audiences experiencing illusion, with a good showman like Cosentino helps open peoples eyes to what we offer, and drives more work for all Professional Magicians within Australia. Why do I think this??.. well imagine a world without David Copperfeild, without Harry Houdini or Lance Burton… the illusion business would definitely be a different one.

I think Cosentino will go on to become a popular magician, and mostly because he can connect well with the young audience. He looks trendy, is polite and doesn’t look like the 70s cliche magician with a top hat stereo type that many performers to this day still personify .

If you would like to book Cosentino for your show, or find out more about him or any of our Magicians feel free to contact us today.