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Hire a Sydney Magician with MAGIQUE

MAGIQUE is your Boutique of Magicians, Are you looking for a Local magicians for your event? look no further, we’ve got you covered ! :)

Sydney Magician

Whether your event is for 10 guests up to 5000 guests, a Magician is a great way to entertain for your event. At MAGIQUE we provide various types of Magicians & performers –  and shows. We don’t have set packages but rather customise the show to your event.

Close-Up Magic, mingle Magic :
Roving or Close-Up magic is great way to keep the event intimate and blow the minds of your guests, the Magician can mingle with your guests and showcase card, coin and various sleight of hand illusions.

Stage Magic, centre floor show :
You don’t specially need a huge or elaborate stage or setting to have stage magic, but generally you would need at least 50 guests and a setting where all guests can view the magician. Shows generally range from 5 minutes up to 30 minutes max! magic is fun, visual and amazing.

Hypnosis , Mentalism and Various other options of Illusion :
Seeing your best mate hypnotised is hilarious ! we can also provide stage or close up hypnosis shows, or illusionists who specialise in Mentalism. Contact us today for more info.
Magician CorporateMagician SYdneySydney MagicianSydney Magician Hire MagiqueSydney Magician
Prices for a Magician can vary but feel free to contact us today and we can provide an option that will fall within your budget. Call us on 1300 747 644 to discuss where your event is, how many people are attending and what type of show your after. If you’re unsure, we can guide you through what we suggest based on our experience working with Magician over the past 6 years.

Below is a few Videos of our Magicians.

Thanks for stopping by our Blog, contact us today to find your local Sydney Magician for your event. :)

Magician Daniel SpadeSydney MagicianSydney Magician

Hire a Sydney Magician – MAGIQUE

Ask MAGIQUE for an obligation free quote 1300 747 644

Magique is your Boutique of Magicians, providing professional illusionists for your events. Today in this Blog we will cover our Sydney Magicians, with pictures, videos and some insights into their skill. Magic is a great way to entertain for Weddings, Corporate events, Product launches /trade-shows or even your Birthday – our Performers are professional, friendly and amazing! 

Magician Neo
Neo is a professional magician based in Sydney with both close up magic skill, and stage illusion shows. Neo has performed at Magique Halloween Circus his routines of illusion for 2500+ people, all the way down to small birthday Gatherings for 10 people. You can watch a short promotional Video of Magician Neo embedded below.

Neo’s stage magic is a combination of visual wonder, comedy and interactive magic. Originally from Korea, Neo now calls Australia home as has performed across our nation in the past few years for all types of events.

You can hire Neo for your event by contacting us today 

Sydney Magician

magician neo

Magician Jean-Christophe Celestin
Jean-Christophe is an Australian magician /mentalist with a professional attitude and witty character. Predominately a close up performer, Jean performs mind magic along with illusions your eyes will not believe. Magician Jeans focus is you – the client, his main priority is to leave a lasting impression at your event for you and your guests.
Sydney Magician

Mentalism, for those who don’t know, is slightly different from your flashy magic – it’s more about tricks which involve the mind, interactive magic. Jean-Christophe has been performing for over 10 years now professionally in Australia and abroad. You can watch a short promotional video of Magician Jean-Christophe below:

You can hire Magician Jean-Christophe for your event by contacting us today.

Mentalist Sydney

Sydney Magician

Magician Joko
Joko is a character ! a funny close up professional magician who specializes in card and coin magic. With a superior sleight of hand proficiency, Joko is defiantly a unique performer who brings a fresh approach to close up magic. You can watch a short promotional Video of Jokos Magic below:

Magician joko can manipulate various small objects right in front of your eyes, with a comical story and witty delivery, you will be astounded by his skill.
Sydney Magician

You can hire Magician Joko for your event by contacting us today.

Sydney Magician

sydney magician


Sydney Magician

Sydney Magician Joko


Magician Pedro Ruiz
Pedro Ruiz is a magician with hypnosis skills, who favors close up mingle magic. Magician Pedro is great at telling a story, not just showing you a trick. His illusions are ranged from visual, to those of the mind – to making you guests act differently under hypnosis. You can watch a short promotional video of Magicians Pedros work below:

Pedro has performed for various, club and festival events, corporate clients and weddings both locally in Sydney and abroad in Korea, South America etc.
Magician Sydney

You can hire Magician Pedro Ruiz for your event by contacting us today.

Magician Comedy

Magician Daniel Spade
Daniel Spade is a Sydney magician with both stage and close up experience. Daniel is known for being friendly, engaging and skill full. He also has the ability to relate to, and blend in to any crowd – be it corporate event, formal function down to a local pub event.
 Magician Daniel Spade

If your event is small or large, a wedding or corporate function, even a product launch feel free to get in touch with us today for more information about Magician Daniel Spade. You can hire Daniel for your event by contacting us today.

Sydney Magician
Magician James Dehombre
James Dehombre is a Sydney Hypnotist, pick pocket sleight of hand expert with both stage and close up skills. If you don’t believe in Hypnosis or that you can be hypnotized, after meeting James you will!
Hypnotist Magician

You can hire James for your event by contacting us today.

Feel free to contact us for your Sydney Magician bookings  today and we can provide the right performer for your event.

To View Local magicians in Melbourne, Adelaide, Queensland or Perth you can check out our Performers page for a full list with Videos and Information on each Magician

Thank you for stopping by our blog on Sydney Magician and contact us today to book your performer for your Wedding, Christmas Party, Corporate function or birthday.

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Hire Sydney Magician for your event – MAGIQUE

Local Sydney Magicians you can Hire for your Function:

Thinking about hiring a Magician for your event, look no further. Magique provides close up and stage Magicians for Wedding, Corporate events, Birthdays or any day you want to make special.
Sydney Magicians
If your having a Corporate event, trade show or product launch we can customise the tricks to suit your audience helping your brand stand out. You can watch a few of our magicians videos below:

magician sydney

Feel free to contact us today for a quote.
Magician Sydney
f your not sure how magic will work with your event feel free to email or call us today on 1300 747 644. We also have magicians located in Melbourne, Queensland, Adelaide and Perth.

Thanks for stopping by our Blog, to view all of our Local Sydney Magicians click here. MAGIQUE also provides magicians in each state across Australia and to view our other local Magicians feel free to check out the performer tab on our website.

Sydney Magician Daniel Spade teams up with Magique

In 2013 Magique sets out to expand, with more Magicians across all the states of Australia. Our most recent addition is the brilliant performer Daniel Spade. Magician Daniel has been performing professional for the past 10 years both in Sydney and Abroad.

Daniel Spade Magic“Hide your wallets and call security… This guy is good..!”           Casino Magician
Atha Kastanias Ambassador for Star City Casino (The Star Casino)

You can now secure Magician Daniel Spade for your Wedding, Corporate event or function by Contacting us today and stay tuned as Daniel enters the 2013 edition of Australia’s Got Talent 2013.
Magician Daniel Spade Australia

Sydney Magic Daniel

“The word ‘Spellbound’ can be overused when it comes to magicians, but that’s how Daniel Spade has his audiences. They are utterly transfixed by his unique blend of wit, warmth and witchery! Daniel is a fine entertainer and can surely bring a touch of Magic to any event.”

Wendy Harmer Australian Humorist, Author and Radio presenter
Comedian Wendy

If you are an experienced Magician and would like to join the Magique team feel free to contact us today. Stay tuned for more info about Daniel Spade.

Daniel Spade Sydney Magic

Gangnam Style / Thriller – Batman vs Zombies

Check the Video out Below:

so Korean Pop star sensation PSY arrived in Sydney This week and with him, and also Halloween just around the corner we teamed up with Dope Source Media to create a fun, random viral video.

Sydney Halloween Costumes

Kien Luu from Dope Source Media shot & edited the Video and myself (James Patrick) came up with the concept. Make up to zombify our actors was supplied by Janet Yong & Estefania who did a great job in such short time provided. The whole video was strung together in 24 hours with the fast release being important.

Gangnam Style

 Magique grabbed the talented Stas on the saxophone and amazing Anh Le AKA Dirdy Birdy on the pole to add a different twist to the video. With slight Magique Halloween Circus promotion in the video we didn’t want to make it too much of an ad, but more a fun video that friends would share.

Sydney Halloween Party 2012

starting at 7am, it took all the way till 4pm to get make up, video and the shots we wanted. All the actors did a Great job getting involved and playing the Zombie roles – whom will be also performing on Halloween both on stage and roaming through the hall.

Australia Halloween

Style Gangnam

for those who are yet to see the Viral PSY video/song the video has taken the world by storm and broken records for views and likes across the board with PSY quirky dancing, and unique chessy sound

PSY Sydney

We are wondering if anyone this Halloween will actually dress up as a Zombified PSY? this will be interesting. If you haven’t got your tickets to our Halloween event at Luna Park yet, you can still get $60 tickets but only for a short time. Check out the event page here:

Halloween Sydney 2012 Click Here – Magique Halloween Circus information

Anh Le Pole Dance

Sydney Zombies

Sydney Flash Mob

We did get quite a few strange looks whilst roaming the city, but all in the name of art… right? :) we want to do this again so if you want to get involved feel free to contact us direct or comment – its all for fun!. See you all at Luna Park this coming Saturday

Viral Video

Gangnam Style

Sydney Batman

Batman Halloween

Viral Video