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Unexpected Wedding Proposal Sydney

Last month we got an interesting email. Mile contacted us with a bit of a dilemma, He had been scouring the web for the past few weeks in search of a magician who could help him with his special project.

Mile and his girlfriend would frequent Sydneys picturesque Darling Harbour typically with dinner and a stroll through the harbour to embrace the latest selection of buskers performing. Mile came up with the idea of utilizing a magician, set up as a Busker to help in delivering a truly Magical proposal.

I spoke with Magician Neo about the event and we started to brainstorm a few ways we could make it unique, and a special event for Mile. I thought Neo would be the best as he had a Buskers license and when he first arrived in Australia a few years ago he started just with busking to build up his contacts.

Now a seasoned performer I knew that Neo could still bring the confidence needed to deliver a believable street show that would quickly build a decent crowd. Meeting with Neo and Mile together we all threw around a few ideas on how to schedule it all so the Proposal would come of without a hitch.
Magician Neo

We established that is would be best for Mile to have a half day rehearsal with Neo just to ensure both magician and the Client are on the same page so we scheduled this time. We also found out that Darling Harbour has Fireworks every saturday at 830pm so we thought if we could have the proposal timed perfectly just as the fireworks are set to fire – this would be EPIC!! and it was.

What an event, Myself and Magician Neo arrived on location 1.5 hours earlier to set up, establish the best spot for us to be and to also chat to any other buskers around to ensure we were not upsetting any local regular buskers. Rather fast Magician Neo managed to build a crowd and everything was running on time.

Mile came in the circle to be a part of the show as expected and leading into the Proposal I could send the nerves mounting, well.. at least mine where. I hope she says yes, I hope she says yes.
Wedding Proposal Ideas

She says Yes! and within a few minutes the fireworks are clapping in the background with Miles friends all in a joyous uproar but also passers by and onlookers all clapping. This has to be the best proposal I have ever witnessed first hand ! Thanks for choosing Magique to help string this together and congratulations ! :)