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Wedding entertainment ideas Sydney Magician

Wedding entertainment ideas Sydney - Hire a Local Sydney Magician

Lets talk about Wedding entertainment ideas Sydney. It can be tough, especially when a wedding is not something you plan everyday. Hiring a Magician Is Fast becoming a popular and fun way to entertain friends and family for all events. The hardest part of it all is knowing what to look for when hiring a Magician and what you should expect to pay. Because a Magician, Like a Stilt walker, hypnotist, Aerialist or any Unique obscure performers is not your every day quoted service it is easy to get lost in whats a good deal and when your getting taken for a ride.

Sydney Wedding Entertainment

Firstly, there is 2 main MagicianPerformance categories you can opt for in regards to performance styles. Close up roving which is generally the more popular than stage show, centre piece performance. A close up Magician can cover roughly 70- 80 people roving Table to table and this allows approx. 2 illusions per table/group. This is very popular at Weddings or events where guests are waiting with little to do. Close Up magic is Great because most people have never seen a Magician perform so close and as amazing as stage illusions are.. when it happens less than a metre in front of you its always a bit more dazzling.

Magic Wedding

Stage Magic in my opinion should not be too long, no longer than 25-30 minutes depending upon your event. Most people love watching Magic and illusions but if they intuitionally have not attended the event for the Magic after a short period of time, even the best performer will loose some people. If children are at the event it is best to have them in a place where they can be quiet or are occupied as this definitely can throw off the natural flow of the performance for all the guests.

Wedding entertainment ideas Sydney

Stage Shows can be quite visual and performed to music, or can be more ‘Talky talky’ with a mentalism twist which generally involves members of the audience and is more about mental magic.. prediction and creating the impossible with normal people ie. your guests. Stage shows generally will command a higher price and it is best to ensure the MC and Magician have communicated prior to the event.. however most Professional Magicians will ask you for this contact upon the first discussion.


like any performer, Magic tends to be more about the charisma and presentation of the magician as posed to the actual skill level and years of experience. So I generally recommend if you are planning a rather important large event, Ie. Wedding etc. That you meet the Magician prior and get a feel for his/her vibe.. style and wether they match what your after. If you are unable to meet the performer you can ask for a few references and also refer to their video material to see how they present.


Wedding entertainment ideas Sydney - How Much should I expect to pay??

How long is a piece of string?.. It can be a bit like that saying but there is a general guide for performers price wise.

Amateur beginner  level: 1 hour Close up – $200 – $400
This is a performer with a few years experience with Magic and generally 1-2 years of Paid performance experience. An amateur can be a perfect performer for a kids birthday or more casual event

Mid Level-: 1 hour Close up $500 – $1000
This is a performer who has confidence and well over 3-4 years professional paid experience and had been practising magic for well over 5 years.   This Performer would be suitable for any event.

Professional, Publicised Magician: 1 hour  Close up $1000 +
This performer, similar to the mid level, tends to be comfortable within his/her skin and has enough experience to be able to control and work a crowd. The extra cost associated with this Magician is heavily due to a few factors. The Performer has had TV or Media coverage. The performer gets booked out regularly and has performed globally. The Performer has performed for Big name, A list clients and has a reputation. If the budget allows it, this performer can be suitable for any event.


The important factor is to notice which performer you are looking and, and this is also just a rough guide. Ultimately it is up to the individual to quote according to their desired and expected earning based on past experience.

It is very important to get the right performer as no one wants to watch an ‘Ok’ Magician.. Unlike listening to a Band who can play covers and entertain guests without being a Platinum record selling, Magic is more of a good or bad verdict. There tends to be little grey as we are harsh to judge what illusion is worth talking about… and what we sort of expected.

so for your Wedding entertainment ideas Sydney feel free to contact us.. or comment and we are happy to assist. I hope you have found this Blog useful :)

Wedding entertainment ideas Sydney 

Sydney Magicians – Wedding Entertainment – Wedding Entertainment Ideas Sydney

Corporate Magician & Wedding Magician

when you have a special event, want to create a buzz and leave a lasting impression Magic is fast becoming the sought after Entertainment option.

Sydney Wedding Magicians

With Skilled Magicians from Magique our Performers can entertain kids to adults with a variety of close up and stage magic. The best thing about hiring an illusionist for your event is that it is easy to work into any setting – and its definitely a unique idea.

Sydney Magic Performer

Corporate event or Wedding we can cater according to your needs, be it a Visual stage show – to a talking comedy magic act.. we have you covered.

Mentalist Sydney

Our Magicians can cover 70-100 guests table to table within an hour. You can view all our Magicians on our Website here

Magician Corporate

Feel free to contact us today or call us on 1300 747 644 to discuss your event

Magique Turns 2

Although the business was registered in april on 2009, and wasnt till late october ( 2 years ago ) in 2009 that we pushed our ship from shore into the scary sea of business. Time really does fly! and looking back from the place we started.. we are happy with all we have discovered & created along the way.

Magique turns 2

Of course the journey is not over, it has only just begun. Magique was formed shortly after I “james Patrick” hosted my birthday on a Harbour cruise with my best friend – whom is a magician, Jean-Christophe Performing with various other magic buddies I’d met over the years. The first cruise, my birthday – saw 120 people aboard and everyone seemed to have a great time.

within 2 years, we have taken it from 120 people – to 2300+ …so we must be sailing in the right direction. In saying that, the focus is not throwing the biggest parties by any means, but rather attempting to throw the most unique parties. Unique by the effort our clientelle put into their costumes, the stage acts and the general visual layout and vibe. No Fights, No troublemakers just a group of people bound by a common interest – fun!

Halloween Sydney 2012

Okok, enough bragging, we are excited, it’s and exciting business and we hope to be able to always better each and every event we do. Feedback is cruicial for us, and we love your input.

Feel free to email us today, with Idea – Suggestions and thoughts on how we can make our Parties even better than they are:  or you can even call us up on 1300 747 644. If you need a Sydney Magician or Melbourne Magician or unique entertainer for your event feel free to contact us today

Melbourne Magician

Thanks for reading our blog :)

David Dodgen – Australian Magician

The Team at Magique now has the opportunity to work with one of Australians Finest, David Dodgen.

Sydney Magician

His engaging magic and witty personality has dazzled international corporations such as Coca Cola, international entertainers such as the Bee Gees, and international events such as the Sydney Olympics Closing Ceremony after party. He was also the face of Estee Lauders’ ‘Illusionist’ launch.

David mesmerized the crowd at the Sydney launch of Harry Potters ‘Rise of the Pheonix’ and he performed and co-hosted the Variety Club Christmas bash with Gretel Killeen. His regular TV appearances include Channel 7’s Cheez TV and Channel 10 News. He has even spell bound the airwaves for the 2WS Breakfast Show’s – ‘Magic Over the Radio’. A member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, he was Awarded fastest time in Australia for Houdini’s Classical Illusion ‘Metamorphosis’ at the Australian Magic Championships. Not only wicked on stage, David was voted one of Cleo’s top 50 most eligible bachelors in 2002.

From performing close up magic at functions and parties to Cabaret and Illusion shows, he truly is one of a kind. For more information on Magician David or to Book him for your Wedding, Corporate event or special day feel free to contact us today

Canberra Magician – Neo, Performs at Canberra Bridal Expo

What an amazing day at Exhibition Park in Canberra today, with Magique Magician Neo Performing and the Magique team promoting. A wonderful exhibition held today, Sunday 21st August with over 100 exhibitions and a huge crowd.. we were kept rather busy all day!

Stage and Close up Magician Neo from Magique performed both Close up Magic to passers by and 2x 10 minute Stage shows before the amazing bridal show set up. If your an ACT Bride or Groom, or even hosting a party and after unique, fun and friendly entertainment feel free to contact us today to discuss what illusion shows might work for you.