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Sydney Halloween Party : Magique Halloween Circus 2016

Sydney Halloween Event Details 2016:
Date: Saturday 29th October 2016
Boat Pick up Location: King Street Wharf, Wharf 9
Boat Pick up Time:  7:45pm
Boat Drop off Time: 12:00 – Midnight (Followed by Magique Afterparty)
Boat Capacity: 900 People.

Sydney Halloween Ticket Prices 2016:
Early-Bird Tickets: $50
First Release Tickets: $60
Second Release Tickets: $65
Final Release Tickets: $70

Questions? Call us on 1300 747 644 or email us here: Contact Us
This is our 7th year hosting Magique Halloween Circus, and we have Magicians, Burlesque performers, Jugglers, dancers and a HUGE lineup of performers ready for 2016!. For newcomers to our website, or those who haven’t heard of Magique Halloween Circus check out the video from our 2015 event – this gives you a pretty good example of how the party is run and what the event is like watch here:

This year we’re looking at working with new prop makers, cosplayers, unique performers and artists who can help in taking Magique Halloween Circus 2016 to the next level. Cosplay and the community attracts the crowd we desire, people who are keen to dress up and have fun – no fights and no attitude, just an awesome group of People partying!


Tickets to Magique Halloween Circus 2016 will go on sale Monday August 1st 2016, 9am and follow MAGIQUE on Facebook to score early bird tickets and save. Below is some pictures from last years events.

Sydney Halloween 2016Halloween Sydney 2016
Sydney Harbour Cruise Halloween
Magique Halloween Circus Sydney PartySydney Halloween Harbour Cruise 2015Halloween Sydney 2016Sydney Magician

Cosplay event Sydney

Magique Halloween CircusHalloween in AustraliaSydney CircusGoPro: HalloweenHalloween Sydney 2015Sydney Halloween 2016Thanks for stopping by our Blog and feel free to email or call us if you have any questions at all about this event, or hirer a performer for your special event. You can call MAGIQUE on 1300 747 644 or you can email us via the Contact Page on this website.

See you on Saturday 29th October for Halloween!

Sydney Halloween party 2015Halloween PartyHalloween Sydney 2015Halloween SydneyHalloween SYdneyMagique Halloween Circus


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  1. Hi,

    Is there a way for me to sell my early bird ticket online as I can no longer go due to work.

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