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Fancy a Dress up Party?

It is strange how Australia really hasn’t taking hold of the fancy dress event that is Halloween. I have found myself on both sides of the fence being.. loving to dress up .. and not wanting to dress up. I think this all boils down to wether or not everyone will. Its common knowledge that we all want to fit in, love being around people and generally do not want to draw unwanted attention to ourselves. Going to a Fancy dress themed party can be a risky venture as on many occasion you will find 5 or so full dressed up out of the 100 so people attending. Halloween Party Sydney. Halloween Event Sydney. Fancy Dress Party Sydney

Most of us are last minute, and the hassle or added expense tends to turn people off and hence makes a cheap tacky made up character evolves from thrown together garments at the bottom of the cupboard. Halloween however is the day, the only day throughout the 365 days of the year.. where is is ok and is very expected to get a bit crazy,scary and animated in a costume sense. We all like an excuse to party, get outside ourself and experience something new.. as long as this ‘excuse’ is legitimate and not a cash cow promotional hog trying to sniff out whats in our pockets/wallets. Halloween Party sydney. Halloween

At first I thought that Halloween hadn’t really taken off here in sydney due to the door to door trick or treat exercise. An task that I pondered maybe parents thought was too risk-ay or dangerous. This idea was thrown out the window though, as the foundation of halloween came from the United States of America, and in regards to crime,danger and all that is risky… Americas streets are far more dangerous than ours! Magique Halloween Circus Luna Park

My Interest in creating a party on this special day (Magique Halloween Circus) spawned from a few different ideas. Firstly working with Magicians, and Magique being a source of unique talent the idea of “trick or treat” blended nicely with our service. Secondly, Halloween is the anniversary of Harry Houdini, an world renowned magicians death. And thirdly, I Love dressing up…. but only if I am certain everyone else will. Dress Up Party Sydney October Halloween

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