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Magique takes Halloween to the Circus… and you’re invited.

Halloween is really a non event in Sydney, Australia. Aside from the standard club events taking advantage of the fancy dress inspired excuse to party nothing else unique seems to happen. I personally love dressing up.. when else can a heterosexual male  put on a purple wig, a pair or fluro blue sunnies and a retro 80s suit? In an effort to bring something unique to this day on october last year 2009, we had a successful cruise event title “Magique Halloween Cruise” with 500 people all dressed up partying the night away on sydney harbour.

-   Halloween Sydney Halloween Sydney. Halloween Party

This year.. we decided to take it to the next level based on the limited capacity of Cruises and that some people do suffer from motion sickness. For me its all about the atmosphere.. much of which sydney seems to lack as far as nightlife partying goes. Very few venues have a well thought out theme that carries through the decor of the venue .. and I guess this is based on the fact that the people who own the venues are different to the people who promote and host the events at that particular venue.

Because there is a separation between the 2, it is hard to create this atmosphere Im talking about… or it could possibly be that there is no desire to as money(door charge) is king??. As a Late 20s male sydney sider I have seen my fair share of sydney clubbing and just accepted the only draw cards it promotes :Sexy Girls, Alcohol & DJs. Not disregarding these elements are essential to a good night out for most… but shouldn’t there be more on offer?

Fascinated by street performers and unique entertainers I thought I would see what the rest of the worlds answer to this. After all, Magique is in essence a source of unique performers. Then my feelings were just confirmed. I stumbled across a club that was attracting 15,000 people on a regular basis.. and entered the Guinness book of  Records for its success. Situated in Ibiza one of the party capitals of the world, its standards would have to be of the highest.

Manumission offers what sydney promotes : Sexy Girls, DJs and Alcohol… but this is partnered with Magicians, Fire Jugglers/Fire breathers, Burlesque, Pole Dancers, Aerialists, Musicians, Dancers, Mimes & many more unique entertainers. This with a well thought out theme, props and atmosphere carried from the entrance to the venue and through every corner of its walls. This definitely rings true to my point here.

Luna Park Halloween. Halloween Party. Halloween

Without revealing to much, this year we aim to rival Manumissions style with our next Halloween party. The Luna Parkk has been selected as the venue based on the atmosphere already in place on the external parts of the venue, and our team at Magique will carry this through to the Main arena of The Big Top, The location for this event. Full details will be release to the public on the 5th on July and we schedule tickets to go on sale on Thursday 8th July 2010.

Now its to decide what to dress up as… Im tossing up between, The joker(heath ledger version) Wolverine or Avatar.. Hmmmm.

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7 thoughts on “Magique takes Halloween to the Circus… and you’re invited.

  1. Wow, that sounds soo cool. I’ve seen Jean-Christophe perform before he’s amazing. I told my friends how he can bend forks ands spoons with his mind! But they won’t believe me!! Grrr.
    But now I’ll just get them to come and see for themselves!

    Its my friends birthday, would make an awesome present.
    Do you do birthday deals?

  2. Really looking forward to this event! Been to many in the past and they are a great way to meet new friends and enjoy a unique clubbing experience with magicians, hypnotists and more entertainment that you would only find at a magic event!

    This one looks set to be the biggest one yet with Halloween at luna park! Can’t wait!

  3. Japanese Heian Period Costume….CHECK.

    Magic props and my performing persona….CHECK

    Party Mood….CHECK

    Magique’s Halloween Party at Luna Park….Still one and a half month to go……lol! I can’t wait to be there. :)

  4. Jean is amazing! hey Karen we do offer Birthday Packages!! would love to have you guys along, I sent you an email with all the Birthday info!!

    OHHH my so cant wait to party with you guys, im still undecided what to dress up as though :(


  5. Trick or Treat??

    Hang on a sec, with Magique’s Halloween Circus we can have both!!!

    How good is that!!

    P.S thanks Karen.


  6. wow! it must be so exciting as last year!

    I must go there! see you there all guys!

    Let’s just go! haha!

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