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Rabbit Magique enters City to Surf 14km fun run! raising money for Cancer Charity.

After 15 minutes inside the suit you sweat rapidly!! and energy levels drop.. but this is nothing compared to what people feel undergoing a new life with Cancer. So at Magique we thought it would be fitting to add our mascot in trekking 14kms! to support such an awesome cause :)

The aim is to raise $1000 for the Cancer Council NSW. You can support Rabbit Magique in the Run by clicking the ‘SponsorMe‘ tab below, and any amount, great or small all makes a difference.

Rabbit Magique Charity

City to Surf

Rabbit Bunny Running


Magique Rabbit City to Surf

Below is the Trailer for this years fun run, City to Surf 2012, and also some older clips of Rabbit Magique running about Sydney City being silly and some more information about where your Charity donation goes.

Magique Smiles

 Magique Charity

Below is a graph of where your Donation to Cancer Council NSW goes, help Rabbit Magique raise $1000.

Where your money goes

Thank you for your support ! If you would like to Dress up and join the Cause feel free to join our team!  it’s more fun with friends. You can find us on Facebook here if you would like to show us some of your costume ideas, see you on the track! :)


Sponsor Magique


2 thoughts on “Rabbit Magique enters City to Surf 14km fun run! raising money for Cancer Charity.

  1. Great mission James. Thank for all the Support from all the Cancer Council NSW Team! We appreciate the amazing support and we can’t wait to see and meet you on race day.

    All the Best!

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