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Sydney Halloween 2013 – Magiqu Halloween Circus 2013

Magique Halloween Circus 2013 

..FIRST.. watch this short video for the baddest Sydney Halloween 2013 Party 

Ok NOW I have your attention.. I’m not going to sell you a Halloween party or go on and on about how big it is and how cooool it is, cause guess what.. Much like you I’m sick of hearing it.

Our PARTY isn’t the Biggest, but this is what Magique is. 4 years ago after years and years of clubbing and partying I thought it would be rad to throw a party that had actual entertainment.. and a crowd, like the Cosplay phenomenon who actually put some effort into their outfits.

Halloween Sydney

Ignore the boat above haha, I’ll get to that in a moment. So after realising that there really wasn’t much in Sydney, Australia as far as crazy dress up parties that combined entertainment with Music and a club/party vibe…W dcidid this needed to change. So we threw our first Halloween Party.  Magique Halloween Circus ticket info 

sydney halloween 2013This, Our first Halloween party was in 2009 and it sold out with 500 guests so we knew we were right in thinking that Sydney craved, needed and wanted a unique party that could take them away to a different place. A place where mates are made over stupid costume discussions whilst dancing non stop. So this is Magique… and this is Halloween.

Magique Halloween Circus 2013

WATCH the Video from our Last Halloween party which was hosted at Luna Park. Note; this years event is NOT at Luna Park and is on a Harbour Cruise.. a Very sexy boat that is.. as picture above.      Magique Halloween Circus 2013

sydney halloween 2013Ok I should probably stop writing and actually link you to HOW TO BUY TIX.. well if your keen to party on Saturday November 2nd on Sydney Harbour with our crew of Magicians, Burlesque performers, Circus Freaks and entertainers then this is the party for you.

sydney halloween 2013

sydney halloween 2013

Thanks for stopping by our Blog and hope to see you at our badass Sydney halloween 2013 party on the Harbour.     Magique Halloween Circus 2013

Magique Halloween Circus 2013

cruise sydney 2013

Magique Halloween Circus Sydney
dress up party SydneyMagique Halloween Circus ticket info 

sydney halloween 2013syd halloween   Magique Halloween Circus 2013

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