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illusionists 2.0 – Sydney Opera House [Review]

Last night we had the opportunity to watch the dress rehearsal for the second installment of the illusionists theatre show at the Sydney Opera House. With a good understanding of how magic works, I guess I have a different take of a magic performance compared to a lay person. So there was good and bad things to be said about the performance, but in this Blog I’ll focus on the good :)


Chatting with 4 of our staff who attended the dress rehearsals, we all agreed that both “the unusualist” Raymond Crowe and “the Warrior” Aaron Crow were the stand out performers of the production.

illusionists 2.0Aaron Crow AKA the Warrior performed an intense, death defying performance which didn’t need words or an introduction but coupled with high energy orchestral music and Aaron’s stage presence and demeanor, the audience knew straight away something big was about to happen.

illusionists 2.0

illusionists 2.0Our other favorite stage performer, Raymond Crowe AKA the Unusualist provided an opposing performance as far as style is concerned – but equally as engaging and mesmerizing to watch. Known largely from his hand puppet routine which went  viral on youtube some time ago, it wasn’t this which stood out with Raymonds performance.

The stand out part of Raymonds performance was not just his mime or illusion skills but his overall stage presence and ability to hold the crowds (1000 people+) attention for the duration of his act.

Raymond Crowe

In the illusionists 2.0 you will also see performances from : James More AKA The Deceptionist , Adam Trent AKA The Futurist , Luis De Matos AKA The Master Magician , Dr Scott Lewis AKA The Hypnotist , Yo Ho-Jin AKA The Manipulator 

What did you think of illusionists 2.0 ?

Not being a lay person nor a Magician, I guess I would have a different reaction to the performance so I would love to hear your feedback on the show, Both from Magicians and audience members who are experiencing magic for the first time. If you disagree with anything I have written in this Blog feel free to speak up :)

For more information on tickets and the illusionists 2.0 show feel free the Sydney Opera House website for their local shows: or their Facebook page here:

magician sydney

the illusionists 2.0We would also love to hear your feedback on how The Illusionists 2.0 compared to the first show The illusionists ? Feel free to add your comments or message us.

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