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Dirdy Birdy Performs at Magique halloween Circus | Pole Dancer

For the past 3 years Magique has had the privilege of having some of the top Local and international talent perform at our Halloween event: Magique Halloween Circus. Anh, AKA Dirdy Birdy is definitely one of them:

In 2013 we are taking Magique halloween Circus from its original venue of Luna Park Sydney – The Big Top to a new Sydney city local, which has longer trading hours and a different, more dynamic feel.
Sydney Halloween Party Circus Magique



for more information and Tickets Visit our event page here: Magique Halloween Circus

The planning has begun, are you ready for Halloween 2013 ! ?

Magique Halloween Circus is now in it’s 4th year, and this is our 5th year hosting halloween events. Our first party a sold out Harbour Cruise in 2009. This year seems to be flying by already and we have already started planning the 2013 event.
Sydney Halloween Circus Magique

2013 Sydney Halloween

The effort guests put into their costumes is really what sets aside Magique from other Halloween parties in Sydney. Making it compulsory to dress up is a benefit too, it attracts a great crowd of friendly party goers.

Have you watched the Video from the 2012 event? check out the aftermovie below:

Sydney Halloween 2013

This year Magique Halloween Circus will Not be hosted at Luna Park Sydney, The Big top – and we have a new venue for you… time for a change with something slightly different.
Halloween Australia Event

Magique Halloween Circus Sydney

Halloween Australia 2013


Tickets and full info will be up soon, You can follow us on Facebook here. We have Birthday packages and special event discounts so feel free to email us today:

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Sydney Halloween 2013

Magique Halloween Circus- harbour cruise tickets on sale now
it may be a little premature to be Talking about Halloween, but hear at Magique we are already starting planning of what we hope the be the Biggest, Craziest and best Magique Halloween Circus for 2013.

sydney halloween 2013

Halloween Sydney 2013 – Magique Halloween Circus

Currently we are in Asia, China – Harbin and soon will be heading to Beijing and the Shanghai early February to source some new talent, and help improve our already awesome show.
In 2013 we are looking at a sold out Halloween party, heading back to our roots of our parties which revolve all around fun, meeting new people and amazing entertainment. We will have more for guests to do, experience and the overall experience will be much more dynamic

Sydney Halloween 2013

We want bigger props and a different stage display this year so we will be engineering this ourselves with a team of artists and professional prop makers.
Halloween Luna Park 2013

stay tuned for more updates, and you can follow our progress on Facebook here

Magique Halloween Circus- harbour cruise tickets on sale now

Magique Teams up with Carnival & Party Warehouse

With Halloween fast approaching, the question we tend to get bombarded with is where is the best place to get costumes?..“. Magique has teamed up with the Local Costume outlet Carnival & PartyWarehouse, Located 4 Bridge Road Glebe.

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Costume Shop

Visiting the shop is an experience in itself. You could get lost amongst their 12 aisles of costumes, wigs, hats, masks, theatrical makeup, jewellery, fake weapons and endless supply of props.

Sydney Costume

You won’t have to break the bank either. Full-piece adult costumes mostly range between $19.95 and $59.95. Together with their huge selection of accessories, you can create your perfect costume at a bargain.

Costume Party Sydney

Thats a bit Freaky!… but we like it :)

Halloween Sydney

They’re a family owned and run business, and have 80 years experience in the party industry. They also sell a massive range of party decorations, balloons, themeing, tableware, novelties and party favours.

Sydney Costume Party

Not only the scary, freaky costumes but Carnival & Party also have Fun, sexy outfits..  afterall Halloween is predominatly an “anything goes” style event where true creativity can shine, and of course in Magiques case : be rewarded!. As of August 1 2012 you will also be able to Buy Magique Halloween Circus 2012 tickets direct from Carnival & Party, and of course receive a discount on your purchases*.
Watch the Magique Halloween Circus 2012 Event Trailer 

For More Information on Magique Halloween Circus you can visit the Event Page Here: MagiqueHalloweenCircus2012

Halloween Luna Park

Pictures from Magique Halloween Circus 2011.

Luna Park Halloween

See you at Luna Park –  Saturday 27th October 2012!


Briana Bluebell Live at Magique Halloween Circus

We decided to explore the darker side of Burlesque, after all it is Halloween.  Briana Bluebell brings a strong stage presence, a touch of comedy and the ability to captivate a crowd of any size.

Cutting out most of the nudity we wanted to give you a teaser from Last years Magique Halloween Circus Burlesque performance by Briana. With over 140 Performers gracing the many stages of Luna Parks Big Top, Magique Halloween was a Hit!

Briana Bluebell

Burlesque Sydney

You can watch the full event trailer  for the 2012 edition of Magique Halloween below

Halloween Circus 2012