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MAGIQUE is your Boutique of Magicians, Are you looking for a Local magicians for your event? look no further, we’ve got you covered ! :)

Sydney Magician

Whether your event is for 10 guests up to 5000 guests, a Magician is a great way to entertain for your event. At MAGIQUE we provide various types of Magicians & performers –  and shows. We don’t have set packages but rather customise the show to your event.

Close-Up Magic, mingle Magic :
Roving or Close-Up magic is great way to keep the event intimate and blow the minds of your guests, the Magician can mingle with your guests and showcase card, coin and various sleight of hand illusions.

Stage Magic, centre floor show :
You don’t specially need a huge or elaborate stage or setting to have stage magic, but generally you would need at least 50 guests and a setting where all guests can view the magician. Shows generally range from 5 minutes up to 30 minutes max! magic is fun, visual and amazing.

Hypnosis , Mentalism and Various other options of Illusion :
Seeing your best mate hypnotised is hilarious ! we can also provide stage or close up hypnosis shows, or illusionists who specialise in Mentalism. Contact us today for more info.
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Prices for a Magician can vary but feel free to contact us today and we can provide an option that will fall within your budget. Call us on 1300 747 644 to discuss where your event is, how many people are attending and what type of show your after. If you’re unsure, we can guide you through what we suggest based on our experience working with Magician over the past 6 years.

Below is a few Videos of our Magicians.

Thanks for stopping by our Blog, contact us today to find your local Sydney Magician for your event. :)

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Sydney Magician

Before I go on about illusion, I’d like to say I love my job!! We have just started choreography on a new grand illusion show for our annual event Magique Halloween Circus, and a show of which we will also offer for entertainment for private hire for Weddings, Corporate events etc.

This is mostly why I love this business, working with illusion, hypnotists and the mystery… even when I know how it all works, its definitely intriguing and simply fun! So Sydney Magicians, a small yet distinct community there are a few working independently as you “google” and I guess what my efforts are at Magique is to create a collective of what I determine as the unique skilled ones from the bunch.

This is not to say the other performers, Magicians out there are less credible but some rather work independently  and some dont match the criteria for Magique. So you already, from looking at our site have a good feel what we are about, here is a video of our Latest addition to the team:

I guess whats a stand out with Cosentino, even before he reached out to a broader audience on Australias Got talent.. is not necessarily his magic, but his presentation. Most Magicians are working with similar starting points, effects but tend to take what i call “the old school” approach to performance. Following the effect or trick step by step as per the creator some 10+years ago in my opinion is the first fail.

Cosentino is awesome, not just because of his great illusion skill, but his style and  presentation. which in most cases could be called the icing on the cake. Cosentino now has a public show In melbourne and plans to further tour next year. You can, if you have a corporate event or function hire Cosentino for you event. How you ask>? click here.

Now I wont go through and introduce you to all the Magicians and performers under the Magique banner but I guess just want to take the time to explain our philosophy and what we are all about. For me it’s all about customer service. When, some time ago I was searching for a fire juggler for a function I was holding i emailed 6 people i found through google.. and several days later i got 1 (and only 1 ) reply.

This industry is much like the magic, with hobbyists promoting themselves but not taking a proper professional approach to understanding what the customer – your needs are. I guess I like the fact that me ( James Patrick, in case your wondering) can take a subjective approach to understanding which sydney magician would suit the event – or enquiry from you the client.

Here is another Video the break up the text. who-ha!

Im not going to say anything more about Magician Neo, im sure the video does the trick. I guess my advice to you would be. Looking for a Magician can be tough so, if your unsure- meet him. We are always happy to come out for a chat and provide an obligation free quote.

By meeting the Magician face to face you can straight away judge wether he is the right fit for your event. Feel free to drop us a line and arrange a time if you want to have a quick chat about what Sydney Magicians we offer and how it all works.

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog :)

Sydney Magician – Meet the Magique Team

Aside from hosting large public events, Magique also houses various unique talented performers some of which are based in Sydney. looking at our Magicians there are many similarities but each posses their own unique skill, style and approach to illusion.

Magician Close up

Jean-Christophe Celestin has been onboard with Magique since its inception and is a experienced magician- Mentalist who has a clean sophisticated style with a quirk edge to his character. Jean-Christophe developed his interest in Magic during high school and fast become know as “trickster” to fellow classmates. Taking on a job at Blacktowns paddies markets Magic shop this gave Jean the opportunity early to learn & perform to all demographics.
Jean-Christophe over the past 5 years has shifted his style and approach to illusion from being a simple magician to embracing the ‘Mentalism’ element of performance. Exploring effects and showcasing effects that are mind boggling, and leave you scratching your head “how is that possible, how did he know that?” is Jeans Fortay. Jean-Christophe has performed many Weddings and various clients such as ‘Energizer’, ‘ANZ’ ‘Price Waterhouse Coopers’ and many more.

Joko Chiuman has also been with Magique since its inception and is a unique, funny witty performer. Professional close up Magician, Joko is best known for his superior Card and Coin illusion skills. Aside from having BIG! hands Joko is fast and engaging, a breathtaking and charismatic performer.
Joko, originally from  Indonesia he now resides in Sydney and has toured and performed in Japan, Malaysia and throughout Australia. Joko takes a rockstar approach to illusion with a unique style, a funny delivery and the ability to gel with any age group from kids parties up to 70th birthday parties. Joko has Performed for such clients as ‘Roses Only’ ‘Westpac’ ‘Fairfax Digital’ ‘Park Hyatt’ and has also been featured on radio station Nova FM during ‘Magic Week’

Close up Magician

James Dehombre has been working with Magique for the past 18 months and aside from being an amazing close up and stage magician, he is also one of the tallest magicians you’ll see. James has a strong understand of NLP and is an experienced Hypnotists, Pick pocket and Magician. Like many magician, James developed a strong desire to become a Magician when he got hooked on the addictive Buzz from Performing.
James has performed regularly in both Sydney and Melbourne and was a featured act on the television show “Fat Pizza” stage show titled ‘Fully Hypnotised’. He is also a resident Magician on the biggest Cruise company All occasion cruises performing regularly on wild boys afloat, the Bella Vista and Lady Rose Cruise ships. James has performed for ‘Smuts Mckenzie Lawyers’ ‘The Veronicas’ and is a signed performer for the One Love group.

Magician Sydney

Magician Neo has been with Magique for the past 14 months and is an experienced korean Magician who now resides in Sydney Australia. Neo performed first off with Magique aboard our June Charity event in 2010 – Magique Noahs Ark Charity Cruise and was immediately. due to his skill.. a part of the team. Experienced in both stage and close up Neo has over 7 years professional experience.
Aside from loving the rush, fun and thrill that comes with performing in Australia he also loves Tim tams, which he missed whilst on tour in Korea and asia late last year. Neos illusion style is highly visual and he as a very strong stage presence with a solid understanding of holding crowds from 50 people up to 1000+
With effects ranging from levitating objects, vanishing and reappearing effects and fire-flash effects Neo has taken sydney by storm.
Neo has Toured USA, held various Magic lectures, and been on Korean SBS TV. A versitile performer Neo has routines for Kids Parties, Corporate events, Weddings or large stage shows. You can see a bit more of Neos illusion style on the below video.

If you have a special event, need Wedding Entertainment or are after something unique for your special day feel free to contact us today. We are always happy to meet and discuss you needs, showcase our performers skills prior to any booking.

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Sydney Magicians: Burlesque & Aerialists join the team!!

Magique started typically as a group of Sydney, Melbourne and Queensland Magicians who joined together as a collective performance group. Sharing idea, performance tips and leads from clients it has grown into an entertainment source for many companies and clients alike, looking for the unique.

Magicians Sydney

In 2011 we now have seen a shift in the Magique philosophy as we expand the doors to a accommodate for a few extra unique genres. Burlesque was the first addition with artists Briana Bluebell, Lola LaBelle and Rachel St James. Experienced Sydney Burlesque Performers are a rare find and we have ensured we are selective with who we recruit.

Burlesque is sexy, sophisticated and intriguing.. the Perfect addition to what is out core illusion basis. With the expansion in melbourne and Queensland, Magique is no scouting out unique Talented Burlesque acts in both areas. Along with Burlesque Magique has adapted the unique rare talent of Aerialist Performance. We can across Aerialist Defy Last year, and to say we were excited is an understatement.

Burlesque Sydney

Defy, a Sydney based Aerialist is charismatic performer with a strong grasp not only of aerial performance but an effective delivery of “story” fitted to any theme or styled event. Aerialist – Defy seen as Lizardman at our Magique Halloween Circus, He has performeed at Various venues throughout sydney and is now on the Magique freight train of Entertainment.

2011 is setting out to be an exciting year with this, we have also added Stilt Walkers, Fire Jugglers and Hypnotists. We have seen a large rise in the request for unique entertainment for Wedding Performances over the past few weeks and are looking forward to what this year may hold.

If you think you have what it takes to become a part of Magique feel free to email us today, and dont forget to like us on Facebook to start abreast of our upcoming event: Magique Halloween Circus Luna Park Sydney and other events/news.

Wedding Magicians

Magique Chocolate Factory ~ Best Dressed

Magique Chocolate Factory was an Easter Harbour Cruise hosted by Magique with support from Max Brenner, Krispy Kreme and Cupcakes on Pitt. With Magician Neo performing a centre stage illusion show and both Magicians Pedro Ruiz and Joko Chiuman performing close up to guest.

On the Decks we had Arty Groove the funky house king on the bottom level, with DJ Crisso on the Saxophone. Middle Level the harder beats where produced by DJ Kax & DJ Arbee, And the top floor had DJ K4 mixing the latest Rnb and Hip hop.

Special Burlesque Performances from the renowned Brianna Bluebell, and Pole Dancing performance shows by Shimmy. The Costumes where amazing and as always, the effort you guys put in made the atmosphere electric! With over 400 people on board we got close to capacity and the dancing didnt stop till 12!

Best Dressed was Very VERY hard to Judge. Noted was The Mario Brothers & Gingerbread Man, both in unique funny costumes! The Batman, who actually wore an originally costume from the movie, Edward Scissorhands!  a unique costume and of course the sexy Pusscats!.

After Much deliberation we have awarded the Best Dressed to The Mad Hatter!, based on the detail in his costume and him holding his character all night, very very hard to judge cause you all looked so so great!!.

Congratulations to  Chris Georgellis- The Mad Hatter for winning the Best Dressed for Magique Chocolate Factory- April Harbour Cruise. You Have won 2x Tickets to Magique Halloween Circus at Luna Park Sydney Valued at over $100 and 2x Gold Class Cinema Movie Tickets and a Krispy Kreme Giftcard- redeemable for 1 box of specialised donuts.

Our Next Party – Magique Halloween Circus held at Luna Park Sydney is now up, and you can reserve your early bird cheaper tickets now before the official launch of the event. Set on the Various stages of the Big Top – Luna Park, Magique Halloween Circus is the Biggest Fancy Dressed Halloween performance, Dance event. In 2010 Magique Halloween Circus was so big it Made the National News.

This Year Magique will take Halloween to a new level, with over 50 stage performers already locked in and the stage/backdrop on production this is an event not to be missed!. Check out Magique Halloween Circus Here and secure your early bird cheaper tickets now.