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City to Surf – Team Magique – Raising $10,000 for Charity.

So it’s 14km of sweaty fun that takes place in August each year, and in 2012 we did it as our Mascot: Rabbit Magique pictured below.
Sydney City to Surf

We managed to raise over $1000 for Cancer Charity last year, and thought Let’s do this again… but BIGGER!. The best way to raise more money is to get more people involved, so we want to invite you along for the fun.

Dress up Charity event

As team Magique, we all will be dressing up in various costumes and aiming to raise $10,000 + for Charity. You can join our group here:

and you can RSVP to the Facebook event here:

Hope to see you at this years event.

Rabbit Magique in Sydney Morning Herald – The Famous Bunny!

Thanks for everyones support, our mascot – Rabbit Magique has made it into the Newspaper for the City to Surf entry, check it out below.

Surf City Rabbit

thanks for getting behind our run, and helping us raise $1000 for the Cancer Council NSW. Stay tuned for more events :)

Pictures: Rabbit Magique at City to Surf 2012

Fun day, and the weather was very very cold.. which for me was Great! .. 14kms done and $1000 raised for Cancer Council, thank you for your support below is some pictures I got on the day :)

City to Surf Costume

Rabbit Blue Bunny

Best Dressed City Surf

Best Dressed Fun Run

Smurfs City Surf

2012 City Surf Rabbit Bunny

Big thanks to everyone who supported the cause, and helped us Raise $1000 for the Cancer Council NSW. Hope you can dress up and join us next year for the run/walk ~skip & hop hahah :)

City to Surf – Rabbit Magique, a Few Days to go..

This Sunday 12th August 2012, Rabbit Magique will hop on a journey.. a 14km journey to help raise $1000+ for the Cancer Charity, The Cancer Council. So far we have raised $890 and would like to thank everyone for their generosity thus far.

City to Surf

The suit doesn’t breathe to well, its hot.. but all in all, its such a good cause we had to step it up a notch to motivate friends to dig deep and help the cause. You can donat here: SponsorRabbitMagique

Rabbit Magique has been training hard, hitting the gym and getting in fine for to show Sydney what we have.. or how slow we are haha, check out his training Video thus far, and feel free to comment or share your support

Cancer is an illness which effects almost all of us, so we have chosen to raise as much as we can for the Cancer Council Nsw who works on the ground locally helping people close to you effected by this horrific illness. You can see what the Cancer Council NSW do in this Video below:


Thank you so much for everyone who has helped us raising money for this cause, and supporting Rabbit Magique in the run. Hope to see you all at MagiqueHalloweenCircus2012 on the dancefloor :)


Gym Motivation – Rabbit Magique

14 km, in a bunny suit?.. ok ok so a few people have said “im crazy” and “im going to die” but this is for such a worthy cause, I must train and make it happen. Cancer touches us all, sadly. We thought this would be a great way for us to give back, and help in raising over $1000 for the Cancer Council Nsw.

You can Support the Cause here:

Bunny Sydney Blue