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Sydney Halloween Party : Magique Halloween Circus 2016

Sydney Halloween Event Details 2016:
Date: Saturday 29th October 2016
Boat Pick up Location: King Street Wharf, Wharf 9
Boat Pick up Time:  7:45pm
Boat Drop off Time: 12:00 – Midnight (Followed by Magique Afterparty)
Boat Capacity: 900 People.

Sydney Halloween Ticket Prices 2016:
Early-Bird Tickets: $50
First Release Tickets: $60
Second Release Tickets: $65
Final Release Tickets: $70

Questions? Call us on 1300 747 644 or email us here: Contact Us
This is our 7th year hosting Magique Halloween Circus, and we have Magicians, Burlesque performers, Jugglers, dancers and a HUGE lineup of performers ready for 2016!. For newcomers to our website, or those who haven’t heard of Magique Halloween Circus check out the video from our 2015 event – this gives you a pretty good example of how the party is run and what the event is like watch here:

This year we’re looking at working with new prop makers, cosplayers, unique performers and artists who can help in taking Magique Halloween Circus 2016 to the next level. Cosplay and the community attracts the crowd we desire, people who are keen to dress up and have fun – no fights and no attitude, just an awesome group of People partying!


Tickets to Magique Halloween Circus 2016 will go on sale Monday August 1st 2016, 9am and follow MAGIQUE on Facebook to score early bird tickets and save. Below is some pictures from last years events.

Sydney Halloween 2016Halloween Sydney 2016
Sydney Harbour Cruise Halloween
Magique Halloween Circus Sydney PartySydney Halloween Harbour Cruise 2015Halloween Sydney 2016Sydney Magician

Cosplay event Sydney

Magique Halloween CircusHalloween in AustraliaSydney CircusGoPro: HalloweenHalloween Sydney 2015Sydney Halloween 2016Thanks for stopping by our Blog and feel free to email or call us if you have any questions at all about this event, or hirer a performer for your special event. You can call MAGIQUE on 1300 747 644 or you can email us via the Contact Page on this website.

See you on Saturday 29th October for Halloween!

Sydney Halloween party 2015Halloween PartyHalloween Sydney 2015Halloween SydneyHalloween SYdneyMagique Halloween Circus


FAQ – Magique Halloween Circus – Luna Park Sydney 2011

We have listed some usefull information that may help answer any questions you have about Magique Halloween Circus 2011.

Do I need ID? Yes this is a liscensed 18 + event

Can I purchase drinks (alcohol) and food there? Yes, there are 3 bars within the big top

Do I have to Dress up ,In costume? Yes, it is compulory.

Can I buy tickets on the night of the event? If the event has not sold out, you will be able to purchase $70 tickets at the box office.

How do I get there? Luna Park Sydney is just 3-4 minutes walk from Milsons Point Station, which is a very short train ride from town hall.

When does the show start? The show/Performances runs all night, non stop from 6-1230, with 3 rooms all playing music all night. This is a standing (dancing :) event

I can’t go now, can i get refunded? unfortunetley tickets are not refundable.

Will the rides be open? Yes till 11pm.

Where is the Afterparty? currently set for The Retro (to be confirmed) this will be free entry buses will take us there from milsons point

Can we take Photos? Yes

Can I buy tickets in person ? Yes call us on 1300 747 644 and one of our staff will come meet you

It’s my Birthday, can I get something special? of course, call us on 1300 747 644 or email us on:

Is there a cloak room? Yes

I havent recieved my ticket? Due to the overwhelming amount of mailing we hope to have all tickets sent out by registered post latest wednesday 20th October, which means you will recieve you tickets friday at the latest. This may be a red slip – and you will have to go to post office to pick it up. If you have any concerns, dont stress.. call us on 1300 747 644 or email us on :)

Can I go shirtless, bodypainted or in a pretty CRAZY Costume? Yes, please do.

What music will be played? front room is Hardstlye with silent disco headset set up – main room is Rnb house mashup and top room is live bands, there is 2 ‘chill out’ smoking areas

see you there ! =)

Halloween Sydney – The Biggest Fancy Dress Party

With the Release of tickets as we progress into the later, and warmer part of the year.. Halloween approaches. In 2011 we see Halloween dates on the 31st Of October fall on a Monday so we, like most will, have set the Magique Halloween Circus on the saturday 29th of October. The Event Trailer has just been released
( see below ) and the schedule for the night almost finalised :))

Now the next question is…. what to dress up as? We have made it compulsory to be in ‘fancy dress‘ this Halloween as that is the make aspect that makes this horrifically special day fun fun! So deciding what to wear is a bit hard at first. After Googling Images Ideas I stumbled across a bunch of random costumes, some I would NEVER have thought of, and some just disgusting haha!

I find every Fancy Dress Party we have at least 1 : Joker, Pirate, Batman, Army man, Pimp, Alice in Wonderland so if your really keen on being original I would advise from staying away from these. Then again, you can always take a unique spin on any of the above, change up the Joker with a total different outfit but the makeup freaky face. Halloween does not have to be a horror costume, it is popular but you can do anything!

Halloween Australia

Sydney, Melbourne and well most of Australia slowly are starting to get back into the spirit of Halloween and in my opinion its great for the economy, for the costume shops and for the venues as the more people who want to party and bigger it gets in Australia the more will spend and partake in celebrating this day. Luna Park is the perfect place in our opinion, clowns are simply freaky no matter how fun & child friendly they are meant to appear.

I think Stephan Kings IT brought this on, and from there the “freaky clown” persona has far surpassed the orignal intended purpose of the clown. Magique is really interested in the theatrics of entertainment alongside the music which tends to dominate the nightclub, festival and party scene. Typically the only form of visual entertainment we find in the bigger events is elaborate lighting and sometimes pyrotechnics.

Halloween Australia Party

Performance performance performance, its one thing that can never be replaced by tuned lights, and $$ spent on stimulating pyrotechnics – indoor fireworks. I think it comes down to the theory “if it aint broke why fix it” which most promoters, clubs and the logically minded have. Because we ( team magique ) come from a Performance background we are not trying to “fix” it but rather, revamp what it means to party and celebrate!.

For more information on Magique Halloween Circus you can click here and dont forget to check us out on Facebook here and keep update with how to win tickets ;)

Sydney Magicians: Burlesque & Aerialists join the team!!

Magique started typically as a group of Sydney, Melbourne and Queensland Magicians who joined together as a collective performance group. Sharing idea, performance tips and leads from clients it has grown into an entertainment source for many companies and clients alike, looking for the unique.

Magicians Sydney

In 2011 we now have seen a shift in the Magique philosophy as we expand the doors to a accommodate for a few extra unique genres. Burlesque was the first addition with artists Briana Bluebell, Lola LaBelle and Rachel St James. Experienced Sydney Burlesque Performers are a rare find and we have ensured we are selective with who we recruit.

Burlesque is sexy, sophisticated and intriguing.. the Perfect addition to what is out core illusion basis. With the expansion in melbourne and Queensland, Magique is no scouting out unique Talented Burlesque acts in both areas. Along with Burlesque Magique has adapted the unique rare talent of Aerialist Performance. We can across Aerialist Defy Last year, and to say we were excited is an understatement.

Burlesque Sydney

Defy, a Sydney based Aerialist is charismatic performer with a strong grasp not only of aerial performance but an effective delivery of “story” fitted to any theme or styled event. Aerialist – Defy seen as Lizardman at our Magique Halloween Circus, He has performeed at Various venues throughout sydney and is now on the Magique freight train of Entertainment.

2011 is setting out to be an exciting year with this, we have also added Stilt Walkers, Fire Jugglers and Hypnotists. We have seen a large rise in the request for unique entertainment for Wedding Performances over the past few weeks and are looking forward to what this year may hold.

If you think you have what it takes to become a part of Magique feel free to email us today, and dont forget to like us on Facebook to start abreast of our upcoming event: Magique Halloween Circus Luna Park Sydney and other events/news.

Wedding Magicians